Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Years ago, a lady went to the store. A Little while later, she came home with her goods -- and so much more~

Outside of the store was a box full of puppies being given away for free. The lady said: "No thanks -- at this time, that's just not for me."~

Half way to her car, something made her turn right back around. The cart seemed to have a mind of it's own as she headed back down~

To the front of the store she stood as she bent over that box. She picked up one of the puppies -- her heart melted and must've stopped~

To this day she doesn't know what made her do such a thing -- karmic happenstance, it seems, was tugging on her heart strings~

That lady was me and the puppy was you. For over twelve years unconditional love was abound between us two~

Daddy and Brendan loved you, too -- we couldn't have asked for a more loving companion than what we had in you~

Years went by and homes were changed, but our love for you and yours for us always remained~

Some people say, "dogs don't have souls", but those people didn't watch you grow from young to old~

They didn't see you grieve when furry family members died before you, they didn't see your gratefulness when you knew you would be joining them, too~

They didn't see you walk in pain as you grew old, just as they didn't feel the kisses you gave us as if to say: "Thank you for letting me go."~

You went so peacefully as we lied beside you. You made it easier for us to say good-bye, too~

It was the hardest thing we ever had to do. Losing you, like Juneau, happened way too soon~

But you had a long, happy life, our beloved companion and friend. And we know, one day, we will all be together once again~

To know you're with your furry brothers and sister brings me joy and hope. I can see you and Juneau now playing tug-of-war once again with the rope~

Like the pup you once were running and playing again, is the life you deserve even if it feels like our hearts may never mend~

It's been over a week now since you left, our lives feeling emptier and our hearts grief-stricken and bereft~

But today you came home the same way I found you all those years ago in June; in our home is a box...and in that box is you.

In loving memory of our beloved and faithful family member and companion, T.J.

"Death ends a life, not a relationship."