Tuesday, December 28, 2010


And I suppose that's the story of life, eh? What once was is yet once again.

vicious circle.

Kind of like 'I am therefore we are' kind of thing.

Before I go any further, I think you should know that I'm thinking about changing the title of my blog to "I'M SORRY" as I'm forever apologizing to my blog friends.

While I have responded to a few of you on your blogs this morning (and will visit more after this post), I really do have the best of intentions -- and we all know where that road leads -- but I also have a little problem called procrastination, a heart that won't stop grieving and a mind that goes over and over things ('shoulding on myself' as my therapist would say) until I'm downright dizzy and rendered useless.

So many of you reached out to me and I truly have NO WORDS to properly convey my heartfelt thanks to you all.

Know that you brought me immense comfort and peace.

In other news, my post title eludes to the fact that we are making a big life decision and have indeed decided in this new year to move.

This is something -- after losing our home of 16 years two and a half years ago -- that I really didn't want to do again...at least not so soon.

However, in our hearts and for the financial health of our family, we know this is the right thing to do.

How this happened:

B has many good friends and two of them are brothers who last year moved out of their home -- that was just two minutes, if that, away from us -- along with their lovely Mum (she is European so I say Mum, of course. Just go with it.) to go live with their Grandmother due to finances in a city about half an hour from here.

One of the brothers stopped by to see us over the holidays and mentioned the house was still vacant and I immediately starting asking questions (God help me -- I am my mother after all! Just shoot me now.) in which he then had his Mom call me the next day.

Within a few days, we were brought the keys, went to go look at said house and the next thing you know, we're going to be moving in at the end of January.

While the neighborhood is a step down, the rent is $400.00 a month less than what we're paying now and includes pool service. Yes, it has a built in pool -- we've never had a pool, built in or otherwise, and the backyard is twice the size of ours and the house has two more bedrooms.

As with anything there are drawbacks -- needs a lot of work -- but the extra money saved per month sold it for us. Also sweetening the deal is that we get the first months rent free to do any fixing up and we don't have to make a down payment of any kind. We can also sign the lease for however many years we want.

It all happened quite quickly and we'll be spending our new year getting this house move-in ready for the next tenants (needs new carpet -- cheap and in a hurry!) and because we want our deposit back while simultaneously getting the new house cleaned and fixed up so it's ready for US -- God help it.

Hoping Santa has some elves available that aren't too tired from the holiday to help us with all this.

Speaking of Santa (and once again wildly switching gears)....

SANTA FUN FACT: A Nasa Physicist recently 'did the math' and said that in order for Santa to make the trip across the globe on Christmas Eve, he came to this conclusion:

Santa would have to leave the North Pole at 7:00 p.m. and travel nearly at the speed of light to land on each continent at 7:00 p.m. their time and visit 7000 homes per second to be done by 7:00 a.m.

Oh, and the reindeer? Likely all female (hello Vixen!) as male reindeer shed their antlers in the winter.

Chalk one up for the gals.

Next Christmas Eve, you can track Santa at noradsanta.org

Interesting, huh?

Anyhoo. Just wanted to share why, once again, I have been named the worst blog friend on the planet.

This explains the coal in my stocking.

Love you all and hope you had a blessed Christmas.

Peace, serenity and Happy New Year,


Jules said...

1. Thank you for the lovely comment you left, not necessary.
2. You are not the world's worst blogging friend.

The more I blog the more I realize we are in this "What next" "Now what" world we have created for ourselves. Just hang in there and blog when you can or when you need an outlet :)

Wish I was closer I'd be glad to help and I have my own tools. :) If you have a Habitat for Humanity store in your area they sometimes have construction materials really cheap.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure my dear friend, life with you never gets dull,lol. Dont beat yourself up, we are your friends because we love you, not because you visit our blogs!

Best of luck with the move,love and hugs

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Sounds like a good move for you. I don't envy your task of moving, though.

Jaynie Martin said...

Really dont know why you feel you have to apologise jo - we all know, any of us, have times that we just dont get to sit and blog - omg if i sat saying sorry thats all my blog would be 20,000 lines :/ i can assure you its not a necessity for you to worry about. ~Good luck with the move 'happy new year and new beginings' soooooo pleased for you new start all round all the best xxxx

Jules said...

Haven't heard a word out of you and wanted you know I was thinking about you. Doesn't have to be a post or anything but give me a shout so I know my Rainbow friend is still alive and coping.

Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Jaynie Martin said...

same as jules - hope you are ok jo xxx missing your posts was my fave :/ really do hope all is ok for you xx