Monday, November 22, 2010


Hi, my friends.

I've been saying for two weeks or more now that I need to get back on the proverbial blog horse...and then we were thrown for another loop -- nothing drastic or too serious, just a major inconvenience and season dampener....

Anyone who's followed me for a while now on this blog -- as well as my vegan blog, 'Rabbit Food' -- knows that I am an animal lover and advocate for a cruel free lifestyle.

So, when my mother-in-law called us late last week in a pickle (she is Ed's biological mother who came back into our lives last year after a 15 year absence -- we've been working on re-building the 'lost years') -- I was conflicted.

In July, Ed, B and I watched my mother-in-law's two high strung dogs for her for five weeks while she was in Europe -- five weeks was a long time for them and for us and our two furry family members (an 11 year old black lab mix named T.J. and our now 13 year old cat named Priscilla 'Prissy').

So, she's had a cruise planned for a while now where she is to go to Egypt, Morocco, Greece and The Holy Land. She is not due back until December 22nd.

She had arranged for an elderly gal to watch Coco and Candy during this trip -- Coco is a large 'Pomeranian' and Candy is a VERY highly strung barky, growling 'American Eskimo' and, if I were to be honest, a bit unlikable who eats her own poop then throws it up.

Those five weeks in July were stressful for all of us so I admit that we were quite relieved when she made other arrangements for them during her latest gallivanting across the globe.

Then came the phone call heard around the world -- okay, maybe just our neighborhood: the woman who was due to watch Candy and Coco had a heart attack this past week (as far as we know, she's doing as well as can be expected) and so that naturally put my mother-in-law in a last minute jam. Not to be all 'Star Wars-y' but apparently we were her 'only hope'.

Ed called with the news to ask my permission.

Could we do this yet again? Keep in mind, we have now added 'Juneau' to our clan, our own Pomeranian who is four months old now.

Did we want this disruption when we're all still getting acclimated on our end with Juneau?

What about all her nieces, nephews, sisters, etc. who haven't spoken to Ed and I in nearly 20 years (they naturally took her side in our decades long feud where we've been estranged and Ed lost all his cousins whom he had grown up like siblings with)???

Why couldn't any of them watch Candy and Coco?

I had to ask what may not have been an obvious question: Why are THEIR lives (as in my mother-in-law's other family members) more important than OURS?

So, instead of Ed saying: "We really can't. We can appreciate your predicament but with us having Juneau now, this would be too much. We're truly sorry and wish we could help." Instead he pulled the: "I have to ask Jo Anna" thing which, were I to say no, makes me what? A cruel bitch impervious to others bad luck and timing? Because, let's be honest here: this responsibility primarily falls on myself and my time and energy -- or lack-there-of.

So, I cried at home (literally) and then bemoaned to my therapist who advised me to rise above this and do my best: not to "catastrophise" it. In which I replied: "But I'm so good at it!" :D

Okay, well, this is what we have to do, right? No choice.

So, I cleaned up the garage for them laying down rugs, pillows, pee pads, etc. to make it as comfortable for them as possible anticipating having to separate them to keep peace with Juneau, T.J. and Prissy. I thought, well, I'll just have to feed them in there and let them live in there during this duration letting them out back separately several times a day -- and I can just forget all about decorating for Christmas don'tcha know!

But as I was cleaning and preparing their area (I even bought pheromone spray for the pee pads so they know to go potty on them and not all over the garage) a funny thing happened: Ed said: "I'm proud of you. You're not only doing the right thing but you listened to Paul (therapist) by making the best out of a bad situation."

And unbeknownst to me, I was.

So, she brought them over and Candy barked and growled for an hour straight while Juneau shook like a leaf and I thought; "This is already disastrous!". But animals have a way of working through these things on their own -- after a few days here, they are all quite comfortable and not much bothering with the other. The garage? They only sleep in it at night in their large crate. The rest of the time they're with us in the house. And yes, dog poop, pee and throw up is my present life. So be it.

Regardless of my feelings of her being a bad dog owner leaving them for a month at a time several times a year, and the fact that it's quite hard on them, too...there's simply nothing more to be done but for me to make the best of it for us all.

So, I'm afraid I won't be able -- as I hoped -- to be on-line and blogging/catching up much, but I will try my best to find balance and that elusive peace and serenity I'm always talking about.

And yes, I will decorate for Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving and much love to all my blog friends.


Anonymous said...

you're an angel my friend;) Happy holidays and best of luck to you.

sending big big hugs

Jules said...

Look at this way; maybe the dogs are needing you more than you needed them. To them you are their vacation. :)

Happy turkey time my Rainbow Friend.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Ms Bibi said...

You're better person then I am. People like that should not have animals.
I was upset when my sister bought my son little Schoodle Jack few months ago. We don't travel for such a long periods and I love Jack to death. He's cute and smart and well behaved and I still feel guilty every time we leave him with my friends even for one night.