Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Just found out tonight that our 4 month old Pomeranian somehow contracted Parvo -- contracted from my mother-in-laws dogs that we're watching perhaps? Brought in from the street? Who knows.

Our lives have been turned upside down in the flash of a day...prognosis for her recovery isn't good -- 50/50 at best.

If any of you are praying people, please pray for her recovery and mostly her survival...she's come to mean so much to us and is responsible for bringing my little family back to life.

Thank you.


BONNIE K said...

Aw, what a cutie. What a shame. I'm thinking good thoughts your way.

Jules said...

OH no, that is a fear I have for my 3 furry friends. Sending prayers from both my furry friends and me.

Show Juneau extra TLC and give her a hug from the 4 of us.

Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

David Waters said...

JO, my friend....I am so sad and speechless by this news:( Sending hugs, healing thoughts and love to you all,

PJ said...

Hi Jo! Just wanted to let you know that I just finished saying a prayer for Juneau and also your finances. I will definitely keep y'all in my prayers. I know what it's like because we had a "part poodle part lhasa Apso, as our family member and she passed from a heart attack at the age of almost 18 years old. I laid with her for 3 straight days and nights before she passed. It was heart-wrenching. God Bless,