Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Juneau 7-11-10 to 11-30-10

There just wasn't enough time with you -- wish you could have been with us longer.

Rest in peace, our darling beautiful girl -- may your journey to heaven be swift and our grief softened.

You brought such immense joy and happiness to our family. You are deeply, profoundly missed and loved.

*Personal note to my blog family: Thank you all for your prayers, concern, love and good thoughts -- they were felt.

I will be taking a leave of absence.

My love and best to you all until my return.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Hi, all. Back with a re-cap/update on our Juneau:

Last Wednesday -- the day before Thanksgiving -- our four month old Pomeranian (who, if I haven't already said it, has brought our family back to life) started showing signs of not feeling well. She was lethargic, not eating or drinking despite my efforts to get food and water in her.

By the evening time, it was clear we needed to take her to the vet where the unexpected prognosis was Parvo. They said it is highly contagious and running rampant right now and that it could have simply been brought in on someones shoes.

Juneau's had two sets of shots (both included the Parvo immunizations) but due to an oversight, we inadvertently missed her 16 weeks shots.

So, we brought her home with anti-vomiting/diarrhea meds and anti-biotics where we had to keep her isolated from our 11 year old black lab as well as my mother-in-law's dogs, whom we're watching until Dec 23rd.

On Thanksgiving I stayed home caring for Juneau in a room (giving her chicken and rice baby food, Pedia-Lite -- per doctors instructions -- and her meds...) while Ed, B and my Mom went to Ed's folks house -- I know this is confusing: it's Ed's biological mother who is on a month long cruise and it's Ed's Dad and step-Mom's (who is lovely and wonderful!) house they went to for the holiday.

Then on Thursday night Juneau started throwing up and making whiny noises -- so first thing Friday morning we took her back to the vet where they recommended she stay for two days to boost her treatment and we were to pick her up on Sunday.

When we weren't in constant contact with the vet calling several times a day to find out how she is -- we had a lot to do on our end: we began washing EVERYTHING in hot water and Clorox 2: all of our sheets, blankets, comforters, clothes, shoes, socks, gloves, scarves, beanies, throw pillows, rugs, dog beds, throws and my mother-in-law's dogs belongings, too...EVERYTHING.

Then we wiped down and cleaned and disinfected everything in our house where she may have had contact and proceeded to bleach our front and back yard and rented a 'Rug Doctor' where we then steam cleaned our carpet, furniture and area rugs. This went on for two and a half days and I reckon I did about 30-40 loads of laundry.

This is for Juneau's protection as well as our black lab and anyone who may enter who have animals.

Mind you, we're going through all this while still having to care for my mother-in-law's dogs while she's in Egypt, Morocco, Greece and The Holy Land. It's not their fault and they still deserve to be looked after as well as we're able -- unfortunately, they're bound to the garage (where they have food, water, blankets, pillows, toys, pee pads and a sofa as well as getting taken outside several times a day for fresh air) as they have to remain separate from the rest of the house/animals during this incubation/quarantine period for their protection as well as Juneau's and T.J.'s (our lab).

Since Wednesday I have lost 10 pounds (which I needed to) and have gotten little to no sleep.

In addition to which, we have depleted our bank account to try and save her life: we are now $1200 in this thing as her stay in the vet has shown little improvement and we are now giving her three more days of treatment there to give her more of a fighting chance -- we've come this far.

So, in addition to being worried sick about her and missing her -- there are also the logistics of finances we are dealing with.

In one year, we are now back to square one.

About five or six months ago when Ed and B said they wanted to get another dog (B's girlfriends Pomeranian had the puppies July 11th) I fought against it and fought hard.

All I could see were vet bills should something come up and I told them over and over -- I begged them, really -- let's not do this to ourselves as I knew B's girlfriend and her family (who raise Pomeranian's) would be able to find another good home for their puppies.

But Ed and B fell in love with one little white furry girl in particular and no amount of logic on my part could convince them otherwise, so, when she was eight weeks old -- to my chagrin and against my better judgement and wishes -- Juneau came to live with us.

Then I fell in love, too.

However, due to this, I am no longer able to see my therapist and had to write him a heart-wrenching E-mail saying that I simply can no longer afford him -- and so, I find it ironic that his words are befitting this very situation: he's always saying "We spend so much of our lives 'should-ing' on ourselves: we should have done this, we should have done that".....and so the story goes.

In this case, we shouldn't have. But...we did and I allowed it, therefore, I have a claim in the responsibility and predicament we find ourselves in financially and emotionally while also preparing for a bleak Christmas: financially and if Juneau doesn't make it.

So, I find myself with conflicted emotions teetering between anger, resentment, regret, sadness...and hope.

I'm going this afternoon to give the vet more money -- $380 of which we had to borrow so we can make rent, pay bills, have groceries and gas in the hopes that two more days will do the trick and bring us home a healthy Juneau.

For this to all be for naught would be cruel -- so, I'm asking once again to please keep Juneau in your prayers.

I'll be back with an update later this week -- my apologies for being a bad blog friend...it simply cannot be helped at this time.

Thinking of you all, thanking you for your good wishes and prayers and wishing you a joyous season.

Peace and serenity,

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Just found out tonight that our 4 month old Pomeranian somehow contracted Parvo -- contracted from my mother-in-laws dogs that we're watching perhaps? Brought in from the street? Who knows.

Our lives have been turned upside down in the flash of a day...prognosis for her recovery isn't good -- 50/50 at best.

If any of you are praying people, please pray for her recovery and mostly her survival...she's come to mean so much to us and is responsible for bringing my little family back to life.

Thank you.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Hi, my friends.

I've been saying for two weeks or more now that I need to get back on the proverbial blog horse...and then we were thrown for another loop -- nothing drastic or too serious, just a major inconvenience and season dampener....

Anyone who's followed me for a while now on this blog -- as well as my vegan blog, 'Rabbit Food' -- knows that I am an animal lover and advocate for a cruel free lifestyle.

So, when my mother-in-law called us late last week in a pickle (she is Ed's biological mother who came back into our lives last year after a 15 year absence -- we've been working on re-building the 'lost years') -- I was conflicted.

In July, Ed, B and I watched my mother-in-law's two high strung dogs for her for five weeks while she was in Europe -- five weeks was a long time for them and for us and our two furry family members (an 11 year old black lab mix named T.J. and our now 13 year old cat named Priscilla 'Prissy').

So, she's had a cruise planned for a while now where she is to go to Egypt, Morocco, Greece and The Holy Land. She is not due back until December 22nd.

She had arranged for an elderly gal to watch Coco and Candy during this trip -- Coco is a large 'Pomeranian' and Candy is a VERY highly strung barky, growling 'American Eskimo' and, if I were to be honest, a bit unlikable who eats her own poop then throws it up.

Those five weeks in July were stressful for all of us so I admit that we were quite relieved when she made other arrangements for them during her latest gallivanting across the globe.

Then came the phone call heard around the world -- okay, maybe just our neighborhood: the woman who was due to watch Candy and Coco had a heart attack this past week (as far as we know, she's doing as well as can be expected) and so that naturally put my mother-in-law in a last minute jam. Not to be all 'Star Wars-y' but apparently we were her 'only hope'.

Ed called with the news to ask my permission.

Could we do this yet again? Keep in mind, we have now added 'Juneau' to our clan, our own Pomeranian who is four months old now.

Did we want this disruption when we're all still getting acclimated on our end with Juneau?

What about all her nieces, nephews, sisters, etc. who haven't spoken to Ed and I in nearly 20 years (they naturally took her side in our decades long feud where we've been estranged and Ed lost all his cousins whom he had grown up like siblings with)???

Why couldn't any of them watch Candy and Coco?

I had to ask what may not have been an obvious question: Why are THEIR lives (as in my mother-in-law's other family members) more important than OURS?

So, instead of Ed saying: "We really can't. We can appreciate your predicament but with us having Juneau now, this would be too much. We're truly sorry and wish we could help." Instead he pulled the: "I have to ask Jo Anna" thing which, were I to say no, makes me what? A cruel bitch impervious to others bad luck and timing? Because, let's be honest here: this responsibility primarily falls on myself and my time and energy -- or lack-there-of.

So, I cried at home (literally) and then bemoaned to my therapist who advised me to rise above this and do my best: not to "catastrophise" it. In which I replied: "But I'm so good at it!" :D

Okay, well, this is what we have to do, right? No choice.

So, I cleaned up the garage for them laying down rugs, pillows, pee pads, etc. to make it as comfortable for them as possible anticipating having to separate them to keep peace with Juneau, T.J. and Prissy. I thought, well, I'll just have to feed them in there and let them live in there during this duration letting them out back separately several times a day -- and I can just forget all about decorating for Christmas don'tcha know!

But as I was cleaning and preparing their area (I even bought pheromone spray for the pee pads so they know to go potty on them and not all over the garage) a funny thing happened: Ed said: "I'm proud of you. You're not only doing the right thing but you listened to Paul (therapist) by making the best out of a bad situation."

And unbeknownst to me, I was.

So, she brought them over and Candy barked and growled for an hour straight while Juneau shook like a leaf and I thought; "This is already disastrous!". But animals have a way of working through these things on their own -- after a few days here, they are all quite comfortable and not much bothering with the other. The garage? They only sleep in it at night in their large crate. The rest of the time they're with us in the house. And yes, dog poop, pee and throw up is my present life. So be it.

Regardless of my feelings of her being a bad dog owner leaving them for a month at a time several times a year, and the fact that it's quite hard on them, too...there's simply nothing more to be done but for me to make the best of it for us all.

So, I'm afraid I won't be able -- as I hoped -- to be on-line and blogging/catching up much, but I will try my best to find balance and that elusive peace and serenity I'm always talking about.

And yes, I will decorate for Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving and much love to all my blog friends.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


First of all, Happy Veterans Day! As a daughter of a man who served in Korea and Vietnam, I am grateful!

I have missed being on here so much and I know I promised to catch up with everyone this week but....a funny thing happened on the way to my blog....

First, as previously reported, I was knee deep in anti-biotics courtesy of Bronchitis and on top of that I am entering the first stages of menopause.

All forms of pity are welcome.

Secondly, mine and Ed's God daughter was born yesterday.

I'd like to officially welcome to the world our beautiful Cailyn Marie born 11/10/10 @ 9:03 a.m. weighing in at 7 lbs. even, 18 1/2 inches long.

She is the closest thing we have to a grandchild -- and we are madly in love with her!

I'd like to thank her parents (our oldest "son" and his lovely wife) for giving us this gift.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Hi, all. So sorry I've been absent of late -- been battling a bevy of issues including a bout of Bronchitis and female issues. Hold onto your hormones -- menopause, here I come!

I've missed my bloggy friends and am going to try to catch up this week!

In other news, I'd like to thank the geniuses at AT&T U-Verse for taking The Food Network Channel off it's programming.

I don't know what in the bloody hell you were thinking but this customer has had enough of paying $170.00 plus a month (cable, phone and Internet) to a company that has no regard for what the customers want.

Will now be looking at Direct T.V.

Until then, stay well, all. Enjoy this Autumn weather and I will be back this week to catch up with y'all.

By the way, my vegan blog, 'Rabbit Food', is today's 'Blogger Of Note' from W.O.W. ('Words Of Wisdom') where I posted an all vegan vegetable noodle soup recipe -- perfect for what may be ailing you.

Stay healthy!