Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hi, all. It's been a few weeks since I've posted and all I can really say for myself is -- I have no idea why.

Well, I have a few guesses: I've been battling my I.B.S. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome -- aren't you happy you tuned in???) or rather I should say, it's been battling me while I sit there (literally) like an unarmed soldier waiting hopelessly to be slaughtered by the enemy -- or have mercy shown on my person.

Stress does incredible things to ones body and spirit.

Also, been taking care of Juneau -- our now 10 week old Pomeranian.

The other reason I suppose is that I simply haven't been feeling particularly inspired.

I don't delude myself that every day there needs to be that moment of sought after enlightenment -- however, instead it's been all I can do just to brush my teeth.

I've been with stomach cramps and low energy and feel my depression kicking in worse than ever.

How could this possibly be with us planning a long awaited trip to Maine to see my best friend????

Because the logistics and planning of it are going to be a little tougher than we already thought it would be with the announcement that Ed's work is cutting overtime in half, thus making his income about a $1000 less a month -- money we were counting on to save for this trip, sock away in the bank and help pay for B's education.

It's truly a case of one step forward and two backwards and is going to take a tricky high wire act to pull off.

In other news, I am sad to see a very good blog friend (who's name out of respect and privacy I shall not give away) be chased off his blog by nothing short of vindictiveness and maliciousness.

This person who has given such inspiration to me and countless others -- who has been a great supporter and good friend -- decided voluntarily to shut down his blog due to someone contacting people in his family to 'tattle' on his blog content.

This friend is a survivor of horrific abuse and reached out to so many through his accounts by purging himself of the demons that plagued him.

A blog is ones own personal outlet to write about what they choose and for someone to seek it out only to use it against him dates back to the McCarthy era: the second coming of the Salem witch trials.

It's an umbrage and affront to our first amendment and something we should all take very personally.

I am so sorry to have seen this happen in a day and age where I thought red and yellow (cowardice) were behind us.

May blue skies be yours once again, my friend. You have my undying support always.

This comes just after this news:

"AOL News (Sept. 29) -- Iran sentenced a Canadian-Iranian blogger known as the Blogfather to 19 and a half years in prison and reportedly told his family they should be happy he was not sentenced to death.

Hossein Derakhshan, 35, was convicted for "cooperation with hostile states, propagating against the regime, propagation in favor of anti-revolutionary groups, insulting sanctities, and implementation and management of obscene websites," according to the conservative news site Mashreqhnews.ir, as translated by the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.

Hossein Derakhshan, a Canadian-Iranian blogger known as the Blogfather, has been sentenced in Iran to 19 and a half years in prison. He has been a key figure in Iran's active blogging scene and a vocal advocate for free expression.
Derakhshan's former wife, Marjan Alemi, called the sentence "a tragedy," telling Canadian television CTV that she believed the regime had signaled a death penalty was imminent "so that when they give out 19 years, his family was actually happy."

'Such a long jail term has never before been imposed on a blogger in Iran and is indicative of a desire to make an example out of Derakhshan,' the advocacy organization Reporters without Borders said in a statement.

That judgment came amid reports that Isa Saharkhiz, 56, a prominent opposition journalist, was sentenced earlier this week to three years in prison, according to The New York Times: two years for insulting Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and another one for promulgating propaganda against the Iranian regime. At his trial earlier this summer, Saharkhiz appeared in leg irons and called for Khamenei's prosecution for countenancing what he said was the continued torture of political prisoners.

Saharkhiz's case grew out of Iran's disputed presidential election in June 2009, which led to large street protests and bloody conflicts between protesters and government security forces. According to Amnesty International, some 70 journalists are in Iranian prisons, many of them awaiting trial.

Derakhshan is something of a special case. Born in Iran, he went to college in Canada and later became a Canadian citizen. Under the name "Hoder," he became a key figure in Iran's active blogging scene, which some say he inspired by posting blogging instructions in Farsi 10 years ago, earning himself the Blogfather moniker.

Derakhshan remained a vocal advocate of free expression, but also became a supporter of the policies of President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. According to Alemi, he was invited to return to Iran by an organization close to the president in 2008, but was arrested by the Revolutionary Guards once he got there and has been detained in Tehran's Evin Prison ever since. Reporters Without Borders calls him "a collateral victim of infighting between the Revolutionary Guards and the Iranian intelligence services."

Jeff Jarvis, a prominent U.S. blogger and new-media advocate, wrote that he was "personally heartbroken" by the sentence. "No matter what his opinions were or what opinions you may have had about him, that doesn't matter now. We should all be outraged," he wrote.

In a statement, Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon said Canada "was deeply concerned by reports of this severe sentence against Mr. Derakhshan," which its officials were still seeking to confirm. Cannon said Derakhshan's situation "is complicated by his dual nationality, which is not recognized by the Iranian authorities. Iran must release him and other dual nationals who have been unjustly detained."

::Back to your regularly scheduled program::

Shock and outrage do not begin to cover the spectrum of my emotions over this.

Then -- to wildly switch gears here -- comes last night's Miami Dolphins Vs. New England Patriots Monday night football game. Living with two die hard Miami Dolphins fans, it wasn't the brutal 27 point loss that disheartened me -- nor the disappointed look on Ed's and B's faces -- but rather the blatant disrespect of the halftime show.

With October being 'Breast Cancer Awareness Month', I was thrilled to see the NFL embracing PINK and commemorating this well deserved cause by everyone wearing pink ribbons and the players with pink gloves, mouth guards, cleats, etc.

Then comes the half time show where they exploited survivors by having them walk on the field -- only to then be surrounded by cleavage bearing, bouncing, silicone induced cheerleaders.

What a tasteless, disgusting act of vulgarity. These survivors -- and the audience -- weren't treated to awareness, but instead were treated to insensitivity.

Seems to be a recurring theme.


Meeko Fabulous said...

I agree entirely. I too, was saddened to see our friend leave the blogging world. And that halftime show? Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I was sent over by a mutual friend, so glad I came by,,such great stuff this blog of yours:)


Anonymous said...

You my friend are an angel...big hugs:)

middle child said...

Well spoken. Hope you feel better. I know who you are speaking of and yes,...sorely missed. *hugs*

Green Monkey said...

oh my goodness...what a powerful post this is.
FIRST, I know who you are talking about (I think) and I can't believe someone would do such a think!!!

damn, this blogger, is 100 % good and in no way warrants anything but goodness.

I also, feel bad for the power point Duke sex valedictorian, (excuse the pun) who's "friend" leaked her 42 page presentation to the media and posted it on the internet. but, hey...I always root for the underdog.

and as for football... we're big Saints fans here, so their field goal loss set a few of us over the edge (me being one of them)

I love reading your rants. you're brilliant and you sum it up so that we can feel your rage.

big hug to you.... breath deeply, mentally let go as much as you can. visualize yourself well, whole, and blissfully happy. I'm sending you warmth, love, and deep belly laughter.

Jaynie Martin said...

keep fighting the depression jo if i can come from where ive been i know you canxxx thank you for you comment on my blog as per usual a really crap time :/ but im fighting on and things occasionally feel like they are easing xxx have a lovely day xxxxx