Monday, October 11, 2010

A 10-10-10 BIRTHDAY

Yesterday was my Mom's 77th birthday, which just so happened to land on 10-10-10. A day noted for clearly being once in a lifetime -- so much so that many chose to get married on this rare occasion.

However, for us -- it was simply fulfilling a small wish for my Mom: she had never been to Malibu.

Being a fish-n-chips aficionado, she had asked to go to Malibu (home of Peppardine University) on her special day and partake in her favorite fare -- of course, this left me with only French fries and a salad but it wasn't about me. Damn.

She had heard of a famous fish place there called 'Neptune's Net' however, Ed got on-line and did some digging around to discover there's another place there that was rated much higher for their superb fish-n-chips -- and it did not disappoint:

Malibu Fish Market

Right off Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), stands a little hole in the wall shack with faded paint and boasting only outdoor seating....with a line going around the building.

We knew then we had made the right choice.

My Mom thought it was the best she ever had -- the spectacular ocean view didn't hurt, either -- and that right there made it worth the nearly two hour drive cramped in the backseat with my Mom and B's girlfriend (with Ed and B in the front).

Okay, I had to get that in. I'm done.

Mmmm....maybe not.

Mom declared me from the time I was little to be a "bad traveler" -- never have truer words been spoken. I HATE it. I don't know if it's my anxiety, the length, my being prone to motion sickness (although I didn't do too badly in that respect yesterday), claustrophobic, or if I'm just antsy but once we were in Malibu, my body had enough and I needed desperately to get out of that back seat (quite the contrary to high school but that's another story).

Of course, this made good fodder for B ("Your 77 year old Mom hasn't complained once") who exchanged places with me for the ride home so he didn't have "listen to me". For the record, 75% of the trip up there, I was fine and didn't complain until about an hour and a half into the drive.

I'm not real big on leaving my house anyway so for me to venture that far away from home (trust me, we live NO WHERE near Malibu and it's swank) was indeed a big deal for me that apparently went unnoticed.

Humorous anecdote of the days travels came courtesy of B: "Even their bums are nicer here".


Rachel Cotterill said...

Malibu to me is a drink ;) I'm glad you had a great time.

Jules said...

Well Mom looks like she had a good time but hum.... are you going to tell us about those high school back seats :D

I'm sure we could compare notes, LOL
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

David Waters said...

sounds like a delightful day....what a couple of pretty ladies.

happy belated bday:)

Ms Bibi said...

What a great present. In all honesty, I don't think I would enjoy two hour trip being cramped in the back seat with two other adults.

Green Monkey said...


you're mother is so young! my father's idea of a great outing is an ice cream and a trip to the cemetery (no joke)

Jaynie Martin said...

would love to go to malibu lucky you! - not for fish and chips though you need to come to uk for those lol :D xx