Saturday, September 18, 2010


Very often we read blogs and kind of go through the motions -- always reading and mostly caring (let's be honest) but not always connecting.

As you may know, I belong to 'SITS' blogging group which helps sway bloggers over to that days featured blog.

Today was just another such day and so, I meandered with as LITTLE enthusiasm as I could muster and found my way to 'ENJOYING THE SMALL THINGS' by Kellie (you can get to Kellie's blog under 'Blogs I Follow' in my profile).

I thought; "Great. Another 'Mommy Blog'. Yay."

Normally I steer away from the 'Mommy Blogs' -- no disrespect intended; as I wrote to Kellie myself, I just feel that as a Mom with two grown children, I've 'been there, done that' and prefer to read like-minded blogs instead.

It's just a personal choice and again, no disrespect was meant to those who dedicate their blogs to raising children. I've written many times in previous posts that were blogging available back when I was raising kids, I may very well have been one such 'Mommy blogger' myself.

What would I have titled it? I wonder...

*'Ed and me = C and B'?

*'C and B + 2 more = 4'?

*'The 4 Leaf Clover'?

*'Tales From One Exhausted, Ill Equipped And Well Intentioned Mama' seems more likely and appropriate because, as the great line from 'Terms Of Endearment' said, in regards to parenting: "As hard as you think it's going to be, you end up wishing it was that easy".

But I digress....

So, today I met Kellie -- not sure if she has met me yet. My long and verbose comment to her today will either compel her my way to meet this Kooky west coaster -- or frighten her and make her run for the hills.

As I wrote to Kellie, meanings and tone can be easily misunderstood in writing.

Especially since I'm not one who partakes in the overly used 'LOL' movement so popular in texts and chat.

Regardless, her post MOVED moved me to tears in fact.

Kellie doesn't need me to 'follow her' -- Kellie has over 7000 followers.

Nonetheless, she now has one more.

Kellie, who hails from Florida, relayed the story -- and did so quite poignantly with beautiful pictures she took herself to boot! -- of how she connected with a Montana woman. She connected so well, in fact, that she flew with her two youngin's in tow to Montana to meet this woman, who also has two kids the same gender who are also right about the same age as Kellie's.

Reading her well written words about spiritual connection tugged at my heart.

It tugged so hard it made me pick up the phone and call my best friend, Sue, who lives in Maine and whom I haven't seen in nearly 20 years.

There's no real connection for me here where we reside, I know that now -- it's just simply a place we live and work. The connections I don't have, B does, and that's what's keeps us here.....but once upon a time, I had a friend. A good one. A best one. I still do, in fact.....

Sue and I met in high school when I moved to Colorado at the age of 14 to live with my Dad and step-Mom -- Sue lived down the street.

We got into plenty of trouble together and saw each other through the ups and downs of adolescence for the few years I was there. I always wondered how this good student and cheerleader and I became best friends. Me? This girl from southern California who left behind very few, if any, friends when I moved.

She was the epitome of my 'new beginning' there and although we couldn't be farther apart in this country now, we have still managed to transcend time and distance.

We weren't there for the milestones: we didn't make it to each others graduations, weddings and births of our children....but we still managed to maintain this friendship through the years -- I even have a framed picture of her and her husband on my rattan shelf in my living room. So, in a sense, I see her every day.

It had been a while since either of us had connected with the other; she's busy being a Cardiology nurse (who went back to school at the age of 40 to become so), wife, Mom to three grown children and a grandmother.

To hear her New England voice when she picked up the phone and to hear her say; "Jo Anne?" (as she's always called me even though it's Jo Anna -- she knows that, of course, and it tickles me every time!) as if I couldn't have called at a more perfect time, as if hearing my voice was just what she needed at that moment.

We couldn't talk long as she was waiting for a ride from her sister-in-law to go to a family birthday party but we managed to get in a few snippets: "Cassidy is in her second year of Junior college and works as 'Best Buy'...". "B is in junior college, too, oh, and we have a new puppy!"

She spoke briefly about her newly divorced older son and that her daughter, Cassidy and B would probably be good friends if they knew each other.

She has a middle son but we couldn't get to that as in the background her dog began barking alerting her, and me, that her ride had indeed arrived.

However, it matters not how brief the conversation, it was simply a few moments of comfort knowing that she was there, that I reached out and touched her today -- and in doing so she could never possibly know how much she has touched me.

One of these days, I said to myself, one of these days I am going to fly to Maine -- and reach out to my best friend.

So, thank you, Kellie, for your beautiful post today that made me reach out for a much needed connection.

I needed that -- and so do you.

Make that long overdue phone call, send a 'Thinking Of You' card or even purchase those airline tickets you've been putting off to go see a long lost friend.

Reach out and touch someone...and enjoy the small things.


Steven Anthony said...

you always have a way of making me see things differently my friend...thank you . love and hugs

Brooklyn Book Lover said...

I have been putting off visiting one of my BFF's because she lives over 5 hours away and I worried about affording the gas and the tolls. I miss her terribly and think of her often. I just earned a few extra dollars from a new cat-sitting job that I go to after my regular job and decided to splurge on a visit to see my BFF. :-)

I almost changed my mind because I started thinking that I could use the money to pay a little extra towards my bills. Then, I read your post and I knew I just had to go see her. Life is too short to spend it worrying ALL the time. The best therapy for our troubles is to reach out to those we love and do our best to spend more time with them.
Thank you for a great post.

Jules said...

What a wonderful idea reconnecting. I love your positive attitude and I come hear hoping it will rub off a little. :)

I can't do a New England accent but I can speak to you in hillbilly. Hugs to you, lovely post!
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow