Monday, September 13, 2010


Dear friends and readers, I have begun a new blog titled 'STRANGER THAN DICTION: THE FICTIONAL WRITING AND INNER WORKINGS OF JO'S MIND, HEART & SOUL' in which I will showcase my fictional writing (you can get to my new blog from my profile page).

As stated in my introductory post there, this is inspired by my love of writing and my good friend Steven Anthony's talents which he displays in his blog series titled; 'Lilly Swan'.

You can get to Steven's page via his blog button on my sidebar; 'Life In A Fishbowl' and from there find his 'Lilly Swan' series. Quite good.

Thank you, Steven, my dear talented friend, for your words of inspiration and devoted friendship.

I am beginning this new venture (my therapist will be so proud!) with a story I began writing about a year ago -- then life, as it will do, simply got the better of me.

I am pleased beyond measure to have taken this next step and to be revisiting these characters as so many people have asked me; "Whatever happened to that book you started writing?"

Fear not as you can find the beginning of it there.

Please join me over at 'STRANGER THAN DICTION' where I look forward to hopefully entertaining you, engrossing you and captivating your heart with this story and the people in it.

Peace, serenity and happy reading,

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Silly Mommy said...

I am excited to start reading your new blog! I haven't gone through bankruptcy but I do have a low credit score because of some back debts that I have yet to pay (husband and i are only making minimum wage of $8/hour).

I've been suffering from "Iwantahouse-initus" but know, deep down inside, that our credit scores (hubby just cosigned a car with his dad, but previously had a 0) are not ever close enough to actually consider such a thing. It's so hard to rent when I know that a house would make us much happier than renting.

(Stopping by from SITS!)