Thursday, September 9, 2010


This is 'Juneau':

Juneau is a pure bred Pomeranian and the newest member of our clan, named such (by B) for her resemblance to a tiny polar bear.

That is a face to love!

B's girlfriend and her family have quite a few Pomeranians, some which 'got busy', thus how we acquired our new family member.

She is eight weeks old and like most puppies, she is still potty training, still feisty and most importantly, still fluffy!

Did I need or want this? Not particulalry -- but Ed and B apparently did and I admit that she's won me over and is what I call a 'happy accident'.

Rest easy, little one -- you have a good home here with us and Sarah Palin is far away.


Jules said...

She is so CUTE. I love puppies. Nice name too. Maybe you can find her a "Palin" chew toy? lol
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Steven Anthony said...

OMG could she get any more cute:) like a little fluffy cloud....


Allen said...

How cute. I just love little snow balls of a dog. hehe

Coffee Time!

Jaynie Martin said...

My mum has a pom named tikka think i have a pic on my blog page if not will put one and my dog is a papillion (butterfly dog) they are such sweeties any yours is soooo pretty :)X