Friday, September 17, 2010


In an upcoming yet to be titled film biopic, Mike Myers will be playing KEITH MOON, the troubled and destructive drummer from 'The Who' (Ed's all time favorite band!) who -- in addition to having enormous talent -- was infamous for blowing up toilets and trashing the hotel rooms that housed them.

Keith Moon died in 1978 of a prescription overdose that was intended to treat his alcoholism.

Also up is Sacha Baron Cohen as 'Queen's' lead singer, Freddie Mercury, who died from complications of AIDS in 1991.

My love of music -- and rock & roll in particular -- is evident in my new blog 'STRANGER THAN DICTION' (which you can get to from my profile page) where I am posting a story I came up with about love, life, coming of age and rock & roll in the late 1970's. Mostly fiction with little pieces of me and my family weaved through...

Thus, I am naturally quite interested to see the dynamics where these two stars take on two planets.

Brilliant, catastrophic casting!


Anonymous said...

sounds like they will be worth seeing;)

hugs friend

Kat said...

Sounds very interesting!

Life with Kaishon said...

It is sad how many stars fall into such dangerous things as they become more and more famous. Very sad.

Hope the movie is good and you enjoy it.