Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hi, all. Long time no see. I would have been here sooner but.....

Ed and I decided to stay an extra night in Catalina -- we slept a lot on our first day there (we were both battling Bronchitis) and as a result, missed our scheduled flying fish tour that evening. So, we paid for an extra night at The Catalina Inn, exchanged our tickets for the flying fish tour and our trip home on the Catalina Express. Much to see and do but mostly we just walked around taking everything in, rented a golf cart for an hour to go up in the hills and just relaxed, ate, shop, ate some more and rested when we needed to. We found the extra day afforded us a much more leisurely vacation.

We got home Friday afternoon of the 30th loaded with souvenirs for B and all the kids (fresh salt water taffy made daily, jalapeno peanut brittle, pirate mugs and steins...) and then the next evening was the birthday party we had planned for Ed with all of B's friends.

Unfortunately, my usually even tempered son lost his cool at some point in the evening and broke his hand on a bearing wall in our garage. After a few days of it being swollen and us encouraging him to go to the doctor, he finally did so on Tuesday to discover it was indeed broken. It was a clean break, thankfully, so only a temporary cast was needed (one he could take on and off in the shower) and he goes back in two weeks to see how it's developing.

A tough lesson learned.

As great as B is, like us all, he is flawed and I'm still trying to raise a thoughtful, pensive, responsible and think-before-you-act man.

The dogs we've had for over five weeks now have added much strain and less sleep for us all -- our carpet now needs replacing due to many urine stains.

We don't blame the dogs per se' as they've never been taught to let people know when they have to go outside: my mother-in-law simply leaves her door open for them to go in and out from the house to their backyard.

Well, we can't do that here -- this is coyote territory (in which the only thing that separates them from our backyard is chicken wire) and we have an indoor cat. So, we let the dogs out every hour and before bed only to find they still don't get the concept after five weeks. I figure if they haven't gotten it now, they're not going to...and needless to say, Ed is going to talk to his Mom about obedience classes and spending more time with them -- and maybe pitching in for some new carpet! -- upon her return from Europe which is supposed to be this coming Sunday...

Then yesterday I had an appointment with a chiropractor. Remember when I went to the MS camp back in May?

Well, I ran back and forth a lot between the lodge, the cabins, the activity rooms, etc. and a few days later I had an impossible pain shooting down my leg which has not subsided -- two months later -- and has only gotten worse.

A pinched sciatic.

When I cough (which I've been doing a lot as I'm still battling Bronchitis), the motion of my upper body triggers the sciatic nerve and the pain triggers right down my left leg. Getting up and down from chairs and sofas is the same and sleeping is impossible and restless. It's been two months of this and the ONLY thing that takes the edge off is taking some Ibuprofen

I've been to the doctors several times, including a neurologist who took a brain M.R.I. to rule out an MS connection since I have other neurological disorders....

All was well there and so my husband and therapist encouraged me to see a chiropractor.

I made an appointment yesterday and was feeling particularly anxious and neurotic -- blabbed away as I have a tendency to do in my anxious state, which is higher than usual these days thanks to dog-sitting, a highly urine stained carpet, much money spent for our trip and B's now broken hand.

This chiropractor appointment was just an assessment and he took some spine scans which I go back to tomorrow for the results.

I went to pay for my appointment with our H.S.A. (health savings account) card which at last look a few months back, had over $800.00 in it -- and my card was declined.

I had to pay for my appointment with cash and came home to call and find out what expenses has it been used for. Lovely Cigna deducted all our doctors visits: $73.00 for each visit, $271.00 for neurology and my M.R.I. was over $700.00 -- well, that not only wiped out our H.S.A. but also leaves me with having to pay the balance of my M.R.I. and all un-paid appointments out of pocket, as well as my therapy appointment, B's self-inflicted broken hand injury (we're figuring $500.00 at least there) and any chiropractic adjustments I may need will just have to wait. I simply cannot afford it.

The way our insurance was set up, unbeknownst to me, was that all bills go directly to Cigna and they then negotiate down the costs through their contracts with the doctors and what's left to pay was taken directly out of our H.S.A. I never saw a bill so Ed went to H.R. at his work yesterday and changed that so that everything comes directly to me.

Money won't be going back into our H.S.A. until the next 'semester' which is November, I believe (unless we deduct Ed's paycheck and add it in ourselves), which means for all intents and purposes, we now don't have insurance and have to pay everything from this point on out of pocket, including B's broken hand care.

So, I remain in pain and in even more emotional and financial turmoil: I'm almost regretting our Catalina trip -- had I known that upon our return this is what would be facing us, I would never have gone.

That'll teach me to go anywhere.

I hope this finds all my dear and patient blog friends happy, healthy and well. Know you're all in my heart and on my mind.

Peace and serenity,


Meeko Fabulous said...

All this didn't happen because you went on vacation. Stop thinking that way. You and Ed deserve to get away and you know it. :)

Green Monkey said...

no regrets! you needed the trip. emotional and physical pain sucks!!! I'm sending you a big smile, a gentle hug and lots of healing love.

welcome back my irish friend.