Tuesday, July 13, 2010


More tapes keep being released where we hear first hand Mel Gibson's psyche coming unhinged.

A few posts below this one I wrote about being deeply disappointed in someone I always viewed as an enlightened genius with him being behind such movies as 'Braveheart', 'The Passion Of The Christ' and 'Apocalypto'.

Then came his anti-Semitic rant four years ago and now this latest string of verbally abusive and pure venomous RAGE against the mother of his eight month old daughter.

Each tape being released is more vile than the one before it.

So, what gives?

They say that every genius at work has a taste of madness in them. Perhaps Mr. Gibson's latest rant is simply the product of a long simmering internal struggle.

Another theory I'm struggling to publicly wonder about is the role in all this by the woman in question; Oksana Grigorieva, his now estranged girlfriend.

Far be it for me to somehow try to validate and wrap my mind around Mr. Gibson's racist, volatile and threatening rage.

What I will say is that Oksana herself appears very calm -- a little too calm -- in the released tapes.

Is that simply her nature?

Or perhaps it's knowing that it is she, of course, who is doing the taping and therefore is trying to carefully portray herself as the injured party in this debacle.

No question about it, though -- he has admitted to hitting her while she held their daughter and he has clearly come unhinged as you can hear his shaking, volatile rants and breathlessness in his verbal attacks towards her.

This is a man who clearly needs help.

Is it his rumored alcoholism or that madness I spoke of previously that drives him to this kind of erratic behavior?

And, again -- what about Oksana herself?

She has been called a 'fame whore' dating and only having the children of famous men, including British actor Timothy Dalton (who once played 'James Bond') as well as Mel Gibson.

Those who know her call her 'ambitious'.

Not that any of the above 'facts' means she is deserving of the physical and verbal lashings Mr. Gibson has seen to hand out.

In the middle of a custody battle (where I don't see him coming out on top of this one) between the two, I simply have to question the timing of these released taped conversations that took place seven months ago.

And I'm questioning the 'calm' and 'ambitious' woman behind them.

And by doing so I want to reiterate that I am NOT validating Mr. Gibson's behavior one iota.

I'm simply wondering what we don't know about her.


Without going into details, a few years ago Ed and I were in a very bad place. I primarily blame myself. Through all of our fights and turmoil, through all my once deceptive behavior...others were listening in.

With our very close range of neighbors on each side of us coupled with our long-standing 'open door policy', very little remained what should have been a private matter between Ed, myself and my demons.

On a much smaller scale, of course, I am somehow able to muster a small measurement of empathy for Mel Gibson's situation.

It wasn't long before I was 'called out', called names and threatened with exposure. Friends and neighbors turned on me and I had a choice to make: I could keep being lost and deceitful, drowning myself into a long, deep and dark abyss until there would be no way for me to crawl out -- or I can hold myself accountable, admit all, ask for forgiveness and work on re-building trust and repairing the damage that was done.

I was not alone in creating the wreck that had become my existence, yet I was certainly left on my own, with my orange reflector vest for all to see, cleaning up the debris.

I could be accountable or I could shift blame.

I wanted no part of either but let me say that it has taken me two years plus to move past it -- and I give Ed and B much credit, too.

Again, what should have been a private matter was out in the open for all to hold judgment.

Then, of course, all hell broke loose with us losing our home and beginning a year and a half nightmare of near poverty, turmoil and bankruptcy.

In conclusion of my rant, I wonder how many of us would not want the neighbors, friends and the world hearing what should be private...as I also wonder how Mel Gibson will pull himself out of his own, long, deep and dark abyss.

*On a completely different note, as stated yesterday, I began a vegan blog called 'RABBIT FOOD' which you can get to from my profile under 'My Blogs' (until I can get a blog button made for it).

I posted on there yesterday and today to try and do some enlightening of my own. I hope you'll join me and let me know what you think.

Wishing you all peace, serenity & privacy,


Steven Anthony said...

I always find it sad when someone has problems and the media eat them up like birds of prey....I think he just needs help, truly sad :(

Herrad said...

Hi Jo,
I think he needs to stop drinking alcohol.

Have Myelin? said...

When my EX threw me on the bathroom floor after secretly following me home from a failed settlement hearing (and his behavior SHOCKED me) I was very calm when the police came. I wasn't the one that went nuts, he was.

But other women will react differently. I've talked to others but it's not uncommon to be calm when the police come. Some of us are not drama queens but our EX's are...

Andrea said...

I am not defending Oksana, but i will say after living in abuse...it is my nature to become very calm in a horrific situation..the worse the situation...the calmer I get.

It is sooo sad to see such abuse, etc. It all reminds me of the many who suffer (male and female) that we never know about and that never get out or get help.


Elle said...

I'm with some of your fellow readers in that I too remain calm in what other people would consider to be crazy situations. That's why I was the one my family nominated to speak with the media after my sister's death.

While it is truly sad that Mr. Gibson obviously has issues and that his privacy was betrayed, he had to expect that. He's a multi-million dollar star, and with that wealth, comes a lack of privacy. He deserves every bit of the backlast he's receiving right now, regardless of who his victim is or what her history is, and hopefully it will inspire him to get the help he needs.

Jami said...

Well, I just think that man is crazy! I'm sorry to say it. We all had such hope in the movies he made, but then, so many artists are. Nuts.

I am stopping by on rec. from Ms. Bibi.