Monday, July 26, 2010


I wonder if ever there will come a time when I don't start a blog post by apologizing for my absence -- I'm afraid I'm starting to sound like the little boy who cried wolf...

Not my intention and certainly not intentionally done.

In my defense, I've been on the look out for Mr. Universe, Gorgeous George, The World's Strongest Man, anyone -- someone -- of strength to remove what feels like a parked car lying on top of me.

Friday I was diagnosed with Bronchitis -- yes, a fleeting illness to be sure but one who's timing stinks of drunk old Uncle Henry making a pass at your prim Mother-in-law upon first meeting.


I had to miss my therapist appointment on Friday and then I got jerked around ALL DAY by Walmart's pharmacy who refused to cooperate with my doctor's office in regards to getting the generic form of what was under their formulary. My doctor's office was willing and able to fix the prescription problem if only Walmart would cooperate.

Alas, they didn't. Instead of professionalism and cooperation, I got a snotty flunky whom I called a B**** and then ever not-so-subtly told to go f*** herself.

But not before at least getting my anti-biotics filled.

It had to be done. Sorry, folks.

Sometimes a good tongue lashing is in need and if you had heard the way she spoke to me, you may have done the same.

So, my inhalers and nose spray will have to wait until a new pharmacist can be found. I have my anti-biotics and Mucinex in the meantime and it has two more days to work because Ed and I are off to Catalina for our over-nighter on Wednesday.

Bronchitis knew that, too. But I plan to continue drinking my weight in Vitamin C, taking my anti-biotics and Mucinex and foiling it's attempts at it's evil plot to spoil my much needed and anticipated mini-trip with my husband.

Couple all that with our 'house guests' (my mother-in-laws two dogs) who need a lot of attention. They're here until August 8th and while I'm going to miss them when they leave, the truth is they need a lot more attention than just what I and my mother-in-law can give them.

She inherited them from a friend a few years ago who's in the Alzheimer's ward in an assisted living community but she has done nothing to train them and break them of their bad habits: incessant barking, peeing and pooping in the house, chasing my cat, bad eating habits, one growls at the slightest touch intimidating everyone...

This is something that needs to be her priority before she even thinks about traipsing off on her next world adventure.

My priority? New carpet when they go back home: if I didn't need it before, I sure as hell do now!

So, between mini-vacation planning (B will be here with the dogs during our over-nighter), dog sitting/training/feeding/loving (plus my own pets that need attention), being sick -- and trying not to be -- and keeping up with household duties/family time--holy cow!

I want to thank Steven Anthony for featuring my new vegan blog 'Rabbit Food' on his blog on Friday! And many thanks also to Meeko for my 'Rabbit Food' blog button!

You can pick up my super cute 'Rabbit Food' blog button on my sidebar if you so desire.

Your support means the world to me as I am scarcely deserving of yours or anyones loyalty right now considering I just can't seem to manage my time properly.

Friday was indeed a bad time for me to get sick and miss my therapists appointment, eh???

Okay, I'm off for a nice hot shower and to maybe watch last nights season four premiere of 'Mad Men' which I'm supposed to wait for Ed to do but....this damned medication is -- eh hem -- 'forcing' me do uncharacteristic things that I don't want to do :D

So, please, please accept my apologies, all. I am TRYING to get better and get my shit together.

Thinking of you.

Peace and island serenity,


Anonymous said...

My friend, Ive said it before and will say it again....I love ya, just rest, take care of yourself and get back to blog land when you can...I will still be here ;)

And dont forget to orders ;)


Meeko Fabulous said...

Rest up and have some vegetable broth. ;) Maybe the salty sea air will be good for you too! :)

Elle said...

Oh lovely, dear Jo...there are quite obviously bigger things in this world to worry and feel guilty about than blogging. Your true bloggy friends will be here waiting for you when you return--whatever the length of your absence. So, stop worrying about us and quit feeling the need to apologize. We're big kids; we can handle it. You work on you getting better so that you and that wonderful husband can enjoy your fabulous trip! :-)

Hugs and healing vibes,
~ Elle

Anonymous said...

I get a bout of bronchitis at least once a year.And when all else fails... I get a steroid shot. The first doc that recommended it promised I'd be a new women in 24 hours. He. Was. Right.

So, just a suggestion if you get desperate. ;o) Feel better friend!