Friday, July 2, 2010


And this is the final product (see post below to understand what the bloody hell I'm babbling about!):

As seen from the original picture of the tat I posted yesterday, B's best friend did an amazing add-on by tatting my children's birth flowers (B's is the Lily Of The Valley and C's is the Blue Aster). I feel like it is now complete and other than being a little sore (which is normal -- after care, of course, is very important), I am tickled and beyond pleased with the results!

It is near impossible to tat white ink on pale skin, so he and I opted for an orchid color shading for B's Lily Of The Valley flowers (purple is mine and B's favorite color) -- after all, art can be abstract so a literal translation was not that important if all it came down to was the color white.

What is important is the detail of his work and the artistry which he nailed. He captured the essence of what I wanted to convey and did a beautiful job 'telling my story'.

For those who missed yesterday's post, four years ago I got the four butterflies tatted on my actual 40th birthday to represent growth, renewal and evolving with the biggest and brightest butterfly representing how I feel as a woman now, which is how I think most of us women feel as we get older. We simply come into an acceptance.

Now, with a representation of my kids on there, I feel as if my story is complete.

I also have a tattoo I had done (also four years ago by the same artist that did the original butterflies) to represent my marriage:

Not sure you can read all the writing but we have 'Cinderella's slipper' and above it our wedding date. Below the slipper it says; "The Slipper Still Fits".

Thank you and kudos to my sons best friend for recognizing his exceptional talent and honing it. He is only nineteen. Imagine what he will be in ten years...

The world awaits you.

My favorite picture of B and his best friend/talented artist taken about three or four summers ago:

Here's a few pictures I found on-line that truly represents someone using humor and artistry in light of a bad situation:

Thank you to all whom I sent a picture to last night who wished me well and loved the new tat! I love you right back!

Peace and serenity.


Meeko Fabulous said...

I love your tatts! I'm jealous! I've always wanted one, but ain't got the cajones for it!

Steven Anthony said...

Sorry so late getting here...yesterday was a bitch.

You know I love this tat, so beautiful, and the meaning behind it , priceless.

Love and hugs friend