Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Ed, B and I are dog-sitting for a month. My mother-in-law is headed to Europe for a month long trip which leaves this clan in charge of her two dogs; a Pomeranian and an American Eskimo. Both adorable.

B picked them up yesterday from her house and brought them here. Going to be quite an adjustment with our 11 year old black lab, T.J., and 12 year old feline, Priscilla ('Prissy'), who has let it be known under no uncertain terms that she is not having it!

Like T.J. and Prissy, 'Coco' and 'Candy' have free reign: they can sleep on the furniture and on our bed (which they're allowed to do at their house also) and I take them out back at least once an hour to do their business but I still manage to catch them 'tinkling' in the house.

I'm hoping this is just an adjustment/new environment thing we have going on here otherwise it's going to be a long month.

Just in case, I bought a months supply of pet carpet cleaner and am already looking up information on professional carpet cleaners when the month is up.

At their house, they're used to having the backdoor ajar so they can go in and out of the backyard as they please. However, due to Prissy being a house cat only, we cannot do things like that here; our backyard is foothills and thus breeding grounds for coyotes which we see almost daily. Even though there is chicken wire separating our backyard and the base of the foothills, coyotes are nonetheless a concern.

So, my anxiety has really shot through the roof (shaking, stressed....) and I can't seem to get a hold of it. No doubt they can pick up on this but I'm doing my best.

Being an animal lover I am making them a priority as this must be just as hard on them.

They're used to their mommy traveling a lot but usually she has someone stay at her house with them, however, that wasn't a viable solution this time so they had to come here.

I'm worried about T.J. and Prissy feeling displaced and upset -- so, all I can do is make sure everyone gets attention while trying to keep up everyone's routine, plus keeping the house and yard picked up.

They're all getting as much positive attention as I can give (plus treats) so I'm hoping after a few more days of 'getting to know you' that they settle down -- and me too!

If not, I'm afraid I simply won't be on that much. My apologies in advance.

Dear Catalina Island mini getaway --hurry up and get here!

Peace and serenity.


Andrea said...

I knew I loved I know I love you even more. What an awesome furry mom you are and how blessed your mother in law has you to care for her fur babies, too. We affectionately call our home, "the perdue zoo" and make no apologies to those who visit. If you don't like fur babies/children then don't come to visit me.

On another note....we are dying over here on the east coast! Someone turned the oven on extra-hot! We "never" have temps like this in June and July! Sitka and I are praying for SNOW!


Meeko Fabulous said...

You know I have to puppy-children of my own, so if you need any tips let me know! Love ya! :)