Thursday, July 1, 2010


I wish this day would make up it's mind -- I simply hate indecisiveness. If it's going to be a bad day, so be it. All I ask is that it lets me know right away so I can deal...and count my wine supply.

I just found out that 'Starz' cable network has cancelled two of my favorite series: 'Party Down' and 'Gravity'.

Both were critically acclaimed with 'Gravity' only running for one season and left us with a horrible cliffhanger that will now never be resolved nor answered.

'Gravity' was about a support group of eclectic proportions: a straight laced dentist, a quirky make up counter girl, a former model, a teenage boy, a housewife and a construction worker/stand up comedian.

The support group aren't addicts of any kind -- they're suicide survivors.

This quirky 'dramedy' treaded sometimes not so lightly -- but always in interesting ways -- on the psyches of these individuals who were given a second chance at life as they tried to figure out how they got there and 'what now?'.

I was hooked.

Enter Detective Miller (my favorite character); a cop with a dark secret who falls in love with and spies on Lily, the make-up counter girl, who is falling in love with the dentist, Robert.

The ending of season one was explosive and left me wanting for more.

'Party Down' was a comedy about a group of caterers in Los Angeles, all off beat, all with dreams and inter-tangled lives.

I'm down playing how much I really liked this series as I simply have no words to describe how awful it is to get hooked on something that then gets swept right out from underneath you.

For example: A few years ago there was 'Huff' on Showtime (starring the wonderfully talented Hank Azaria and Oliver Platt); it too abruptly ended after a huge season two cliffhanger when 'Showtime' in it's wisdom cancelled it.

If these shows don't make an immediate killing, they're history. All had a loyal following from what I read on-line but 'Nielsen ratings' are always to blame.

Blaming 'Nielsen' is a cop out. I simply don't think the makers of these shows want to take chances anymore and put in the time, patience and nurturing required.

The fact that they were all cancelled out of seemingly no where leaves me weary to ever try anything new again...

Network T.V. is, sadly, all pretty much the same (with a few exceptions, of course, such as 'The Office'); doctor/hospital shows, cop shows, lawyer shows....

Whereas premium cable T.V. has provided some of the best series to date, things you won't find on ABC, CBS or NBC such as the above mentioned shows as well as 'The Sopranos', 'Big Love', 'The Ricky Gervais Show', 'Sex And The City', 'Nurse Jackie', 'Weeds', 'Californication', 'U.S. Of Tara', 'The Tudors' and the upcoming Laura Linney and Oliver Platt vehicle (welcome back, Mr. Platt!) 'The C Word'.

We're so quick to get people hooked and yet even quicker to pull the rug out if something doesn't make millions of dollars or attract 45 million viewers in the first showing.

Nothing is given a chance anymore.

How many businesses would no longer be a part of our commerce if they ran their enterprises the way these producers do?

Must be nice to live life so expendably.

On the upside of today, I am very proud to be receiving a new tattoo by B's best friend since elementary school. He is an amazing artist and always has been -- we knew watching him grow up that he would be involved with something artistically one day.

I've seen enough of his work (including B's tattoos) to know that I not only trust him, but felt it would be sweet symmetry to have him tattoo me.

Not one to be frivolous, I also knew he would give me a good deal, although, he's trying to do it for free but I won't let that happen.

This will be my sixth tattoo and all are personal and have meaning, this one will be no exception: I am getting my children's birth flowers tattooed on my upper right arm.

Lily Of The Valley for B

Blue Aster for my daughter, 'C'

How he will integrate these two very different species and blend them into one is part of the enjoyment and anticipation. I know what he can do and trust him explicitly.

At the very top of my right arm I have four butterflies that I got on my 40th birthday four years ago (all my tats were done by a friend of a friend so I lucked out money wise and talent wise): The butterflies represent each decade of my life with the largest and most colorful representing how I feel as a woman in her 40's; truly evolved.

B's friend is combining the new with the old today and I am excited to see the finished result.

Maybe that will be the catalyst for propelling this day from bad to good.


Anonymous said...

I understand my kills me when a show I love just goes by by.....uggg

I cant wait to see pics of the new tat...u r posting a pic, right? ;)

hugs, and heres hoping your day turns around<3

Elle said...

Yay for a new tattoo!! I'm planning to get a memorial tattoo for my sister, but I'm not firm on exactly what I want yet. I'm absolutely itching to get another tattoo though!

I loooooooove your butterfly tattoo--the concept and execution are awesome! I can't wait to see pictures of the new one.