Tuesday, June 1, 2010


WARNING: This post of my 'Sex And The City 2' movie review contains spoilers -- read no further if you haven't yet seen the movie.

This past Sunday we treated ourselves to the long awaited 'Sex And The City 2' movie -- the sequel to 2008's 'Sex And The City: The Movie'.

At our local AMC theater, if you go to any movie on Friday, Saturday or Sunday before noon, the cost is only $6.00. With movie prices now at $11.00 for non-matinee show times, the early show times at $6.00 a pop are well worth getting up and ready for. Purchase your own candy ahead of time, too (this is where big purses come in handy), and it's really a bargain.

Or so we thought.....

The first movie found Carrie and 'Big' finally controlling the helm of their long time coming (ten years to be exact) happy ending after their disastrous and heartbreaking large wedding fell through thanks to 'Big's' inability to accept marriage again in his life. In the end all turned out well and they married at city hall. 'Ever thine. Ever mine. Ever ours'.

Miranda and Steve found peace after he revealed to Miranda his infidelities and Miranda herself faced -- and came to terms with -- her own truth and shortcomings leading to a reconciliation.

After years of infertility, Charlotte and Harry were finally able to conceive 'baby Rose' adding to their happy family with their addition of adopted Lily.

Samantha ended her and Smith Jerrod's five year romance leaving Smith -- and us audience members -- heartbroken. She moved back from L.A. to New York solo to learn how to be single again and continue her public relations career.

We only see Smith once early on in this new 'SATC' (Sex And The City) film when he asks Samantha to go to the opening of his new movie. He knows his career is all owed to her and her P.R. prowess. They obviously remained on good terms.

I was disappointed, however, as while the filming of the new SATC movie was going on, pictures were taken and published by the media of 'Samantha' on the 'SATC 2' set in a wedding gown complete with a hand held bouquet leaving us fans to jump to conclusions about her finally settling down with Smith.

Alas, that didn't happen in this film and no where in the film did she don a wedding gown.

The makers of the film obviously did one of two things: decided to go another route with her character or was simply throwing fans and media off the scented trail.

Either way, this new film was one big cluster f*@& and a waste of time, money and energy, in my opinion.

This new film opens with the marriage of Stanford and Anthony, once enemies throughout the series who, in the first film, finally gave in to love.

It is revealed that Anthony gave Standford the elaborate wedding of his dreams complete with swans and Liza Minelli officiating and then completing the ceremony with a Beyonce song and dance number.

Gays and fans alike will see this as the highlight of the film -- with one hiccup: Anthony gave Stanford the wedding of his dreams in exchange for Anthony being allowed to cheat during their marriage.


Then we don't see them again for the rest of the film.

Are we to hope and assume that Anthony has a change of heart and that they live happily ever after?

The film doesn't answer that question for us and does a disservice to those of us who are pro-gay marriage.

Next we see Carrie as the one now dissatisfied with married life -- Big is perfectly happy and content to stay home and watch old movies with her while we see Carrie as having no growth. Finally landing the love of her life after ten years, wild child Carrie wants to still party and enjoy the nightlife. She and Big decided that children isn't something either of them desire but yet she remains dissatisfied with home life.

So, she pouts and runs off to her apartment (which she kept) to finish a new book giving Big the idea that perhaps a few days apart each week will be good for them.

Then she wonders why he feels that way.

A business opportunity then arrives for Samantha to visit a five star hotel in Abu Dhabi courtesy of the business men who want her to do P.R. for their new hotel.

Her and the girls then run off for a few weeks in what is an all paid, all inclusive vacation in a $22,000 a night suite complete with personal servants.

This comes at a perfect time for Charlotte who, after finally getting everything she too wants in life, is overwhelmed with 'Mommyhood' and a constantly crying two year old Rose.

Also ready for a break is Miranda whose new boss is demeaning of her. So, she quits the law firm and heads off to the middle east with the girls.

The tag line being; "Sometimes you just have to get away with the girls".

For me during this pointless romp, all I wanted to do was get away from the theater.

Being a long time, die hard fan of the show and of these ladies, I was eager to see where life had led them, in spite of my feeling that the first movie concluded everyone's storyline quite well.

During a shopping trip to the local spice market, Carrie runs smack into Aidan (who is there on a business trip), the love she let go of years ago and left broken hearted because she could never quite get over Big.

Running into Aidan makes Carrie once again question her life and they then share a passionate kiss -- in which she then immediately flees in her 'slit up to there' gown, looks back at Aidan with one last longing look and proceeds to confess all to Big on the phone.


While Charlotte and Miranda (the only Mommy's) bond over drinks and confessions of how hard motherhood is, Samantha soon gets in trouble with locals for her immodest clothing and openly sexual ways after meeting a business man and carrying on in public with him.

She is soon arrested -- and ultimately allowed to leave -- and the business men to whom this vacation was paid for by, soon drop their interest in her and the girls are forced to flee the hotel in one hour. Of course, not before having more run-in's with locals thanks to Samantha's menopausal hot flashes thus her wearing shorts and a tank top. Not helping matters is her purse strap breaking in which her condoms fall out in the middle of the street, causing a mob scene in which they're chased by angry men and forced to hide all the while trying to make it to the airport on time, while Carrie searches frantically for her lost passport.

Again, pointless.

Finally back home, we see Charlotte and Miranda happy to be home and met by their families (and a job in a new law firm for Miranda) while Big is no where to be found upon Carrie's arrival. A few hours later, Big arrives home admitting his hurt over Carrie's kiss with Aidan and then gives her a diamond ring with her promising to never to stray again and Big promising to stick it out for the long haul with neither of them leaving their nest for that previously discussed two day break.

Once again, I was left with a bewildered 'huh?'.

The movie had no plot, no point and worst of all, no heart. It was two and a half hours of fluff and only Samantha's continuing sexual exploits and antics make the film worth seeing at all.

'Sex And The City 2' was outdone by the new 'Shrek' movie in box office sales.

Ogre trumps Prada.


Steven Anthony said...

OMG! I got to cluster fuck amnd stopped reading...u didnt like it?

I adore it, wrotre about it last week(fri) I thought it was miles above the first one...I left with a huge smile and warm feeling in my heart.

Im sorry u didnt like it, but I still luv ya

hehe, I only paid 2;509yep small towns rule)


Jo said...

Nope, HATED it. Okay, maybe 'hate' is a strong word -- um, it disappointed me greatly. I thought it to be a vacuous movie.

And keep in mind, that I am a HUGE 'SATC' fan and am typically very easy to please when it comes to my New York gals and their escapades.

Glad you liked it, though. :)

Love ya!

Yankee Girl said...

I wasn't sure if I wanted to see it but now I have to!

Ms Bibi said...

Sorry, you didn't like it. I totally loved it.

I thought the movie had a strong message of friendship and stand by your best friend no matter what.I did enjoy the fact that Carrie had a personal growth and revelation at the end. Few things were kind of fluffy and over the top, but all in all I liked it better then the first one.