Monday, June 28, 2010



How can anyone who loves a cold beer on a warm day -- especially with a little freshly squeezed citrusy lime in it -- served with your favorite foods (Mexican food comes to my mind....) take umbrage to a beer commercial showing people happily lazing about on a beach ocean gazing?

I seem to be summertime's answer to the notorious Ebenezer Scrooge.

Just call me Ebbie.

The 'Corona' beer commercials are supposed to evoke a feeling of an easy-breezy summertime.

Instead, in my case anyway, they evoke anger and puzzlement.

It all started innocently enough when last year I viewed one of their commercials: a couple sitting on an uncrowded beach in their well placed lawn chairs, seagulls squawking, ocean waves subtly crashing and enjoying their 'Corona's' which we see in a galvanized pail between the couple. The man is enjoying his 'Corona' when a bikini clad young woman walks by as his head turns following her. The woman with him then squirts him in the face with her cut lime.

Well deserved.

What gets to me though is at closer range we see the woman is drinking 'Corona Light' while the man is drinking the full caloried 'Corona'.

Are we to then assume by the misogynistic tone of that commercial that it is only women who need to watch their figures???

I resented it then and I resent it now.

Fast forward to last night as indeed summer is once again upon us and the 'Corona' beer people -- in their well timed wisdom -- aired a new commercial.

This time we see two males sitting next to each other in lawn chairs, again on a seemingly secluded beach, 'Corona's' in hand.

I see nothing wrong with this commercial thus far, in fact, I am delighted that it needs no explanation. Why can't two male friends or a gay male couple enjoy 'Corona's' on a beach just like last summers previous couple?

Let's put aside the fact that drinking on a public beach is illegal. So, we'll assume it's a private beach and all is well and as it should be.

So, back to my topic at hand; I was really digging 'Corona's' new flair. What, after all, would be so wrong with having two males -- assumptions or no assumptions -- enjoying their time together on this beach?

Apparently what is truly wrong is enough close-mindedness that the 'good people' at 'Corona' then decide to do a wide pan shot and we see that on each side of the two males in question are their female significant others.

Why couldn't it be left alone as is?

'Corona' in all their political incorrectness is doing anything but making me want to buy their beer for my 4th of July or my next Mexican food feast as I'm finding their commercials downright offensive.

Let's pull it together, 'Corona'. We're at the precipice of legal gay marriage everywhere and yes, men have love-handles, too!

Until you can find a way to stop insulting what I -- and no doubt many others --believe in, you can find me wasting away in Margaritaville this summer.

Pardon me, please, while I search for my lost shaker of salt.


Steven Anthony said...

Well let me start off by saying I only drink light beer;)

now on to the second one, I like to think that the two women in question are the gay couples lesbian friends who they have set up on a blind date ;)

see, enough corona and all looks right in the world ;0

luv ya

Yankee Girl said...

I am not much of a Corona drinker, but what you describe really urks me! I hate it when advertising makes women look like they are all on a diet or are all chasing men or something. Now I definitely need to see those commericials so I can know what you are talking about.

Meeko Fabulous said...

I love that salt! I'm gonna have to take a picture in front of Margaritaville for you when I'm in Vegas in 11 days. Love you! :)