Tuesday, June 29, 2010


That's right. Who says I'm not classy.

We all have those celebrities in mind -- those certain people that when we see them on the screen, our hearts skip a beat.

When I was a teeny-bopper in the late 70's, it was all about the Cassidy brothers, David and Shaun.

T.V.'s 'The Hardy Boys', starring the latter, was one of my favorite shows then and I'm sorry to admit now that my hall of shame includes my having Shaun Cassidy's posters on my walls and listening to his 8 tracks.

As for David -- well, shit. He's a no brainer. Gorgeous then with the perfect combination of feathered hair, mega-watt smile and puka shell necklaces -- and he's gorgeous now. To this day probably the ONLY song anyone could ever get me to karaoke to (I don't do public humiliation) is "I think I Love You".

So, I'm a sappy schmuck for schmaltz!

I always thought; "If only one of them would meet me they would fall in love with me".

Yep. Grown men falling in love with an 11 year old. Hey, if it's good enough for Jerry Lee Lewis..... Made sense to me.

How many hours, I wonder, did I practice writing 'Jo Anna Cassidy' on notebook paper, my binders, my diary....?

To this day, one of my heartbreaks is that Shaun Cassidy never answered my fan letters (yes, as in plural).

A) He probably couldn't read my girlish handwriting and non-sensical run-on sentences

B) I may very well have likely been the first stalker.

But alas, I was growing up. It had to happen. In 1978 for my 12th birthday, my brother, Vern, gave me Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours' album (yes, I'm talking vinyl) and suddenly out went the Cassidy brothers, posters and all (sorry, boys), and in came adolescence along with my lifetime love of Rock & Roll. Especially the aforementioned group whom I fear I will never get to see in concert. Lindsey Buckingham's guitar riffs and Stevie Nick's wonderfully gravely voice still make my motor run.

Ahhh...'Fleetwood Mac', 'The Eagles', 'Boston' (R.I.P. Brad Delp).....the memories and their legendary music still lives within me and my CD collection.

Fast forward to the present. My good friend, Steven Anthony from 'Life In The Fish Bowl' (you can get to his wonderful blog from his blog button on my sidebar under 'My Favorite Blogs'), encouraged me to join in the fun of naming five celebrities I deem 'shaggable'.

You may be shocked to know that neither Cassidy brother is on my list. Hey, they had their chance. Time moved on without them.

5) Michael Keaton

I check IMDB.com quite regularly hoping and waiting for the deserved and long awaited cinematic comeback from one of my favorite actors of all time; the guy who brought us 'Mr. Mom', started the 'Batman' movie franchise (and nailed it!), 'My Life', 'The Paper' and 'Multiplicity'. He currently stars as the voice of 'Ken' in 'Toy Story 3'.

His piercing eyes, comedic timing, pouty lips, curly hair....Mmmmmmm.

Still a fan and always will be although I managed to refrain from stalking him. I'm a big girl now, after all. Er, minus the incident where cops were called....

4) Ville Valo, Finnish front man for the group 'H.I.M.'

Okay, so I like androgynous men. His deep and sexy voice, willowy, lanky body and penetrating eyes...not to mention he pulled off a beautiful remake of a rock & roll classic; 'Don't Fear The Reaper'.

3) Rufus Sewell -- tall British actor with big eyes and raspy voice. He was the antagonist in 'The Illusionist' with Edward Norton, the noble king in 'Tristan And Isolde' and the love Kate Winslet couldn't quite get over in 'The Holiday'.

Who could blame her?

2) Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Fresh off the heals of the series finale 'The Tudors' (about King Henry VIII -- please read the post two below this one for my praise of Mr. Rhys Meyers and this series as well as a little history lesson), one look from his gaze and I was hooked.

This Irish actor whose stare will melt any icy exterior -- whom you know from films like 'Bend It Like Beckham', 'August Rush' and his latest; 'From Paris With Love' co-starring John Travolta -- nailed the role of the infamous King Henry and made the British monarchy sexy.

1) Damien Rice. Irish singer of haunting songs such as '9 Crimes' and 'The Blowers Daughter' (which could be heard in the Julia Roberts, Clive Owen, Natalie Portman and Jude Law film, 'Closer').

You can hear the angst and sincerity in his voice when he sings. This low key singer with the rugged yet boyish looks and intense eyes that burn right through you is the epitome of smoldering without even trying.

The Irish accent doesn't hurt, either.

*BONUS SHAG: I'm breaking the rules here by adding a posthumous honorary sex God title to the one and only Cary Grant.

Born Archibald Leach in Surrey, England, Mr. Grant only seemed to get better looking with age.

To this day I envy the love he had for fellow actor Randolph Scott (yes, ladies, Mr. Grant was in all probability gay).

With perfect comedic timing, that recognizable voice and never-ending sex appeal (um, hello 'To Catch A Thief'!), Cary Grant is a do-able shag for the ages.


Andrea said...

Thanks for making me smile! I needed a great big smile, today.

Brooklyn Book Lover said...

Love your 5! Here are mine:
1. Vin Diesel
2. Will Smith
3. Dwayne Johnson
4. Kenney Chesney
5. Michael Keaton (I almost forgot about him) Your list reminded me how much I love him!

Steven Anthony said...

Jo my friend, thanx for playing along...I love your list....it saysd allot about you, I will let you decide what...hahaha

hugs ;)

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