Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I just spent half an hour typing an updated post on the MS Walk, mine and B's hair, my new medication, and other goings-on....and then I hit something and it all disappeared: it wasn't anywhere to be found under saved posts.


Damn it all to hell!

Well, I know I owe many apologies for being an absent blog friend of late so I will try to update everyone once again tomorrow.

In the meantime, I have to get to an appointment.

So, here are mine and B's hair updates:

B before and after:

Jo before and after:

We're very happy with the results!

Have a great day, all. Much love, peace and serenity.


Steven Anthony said...

OMG I hate when that happens, it always does it to me when I have put in a ton of pics spending an hour or so doing it and poof...gone:(

You my darling look FABULOUS!


Meeko Fabulous said...

Love the hair! It looks awesome! :)

Andrea said...

I LOVE your new hairdo and B's looks great, too. I have missed you in blog land, but I understand...life is crazy. I hope your appointment goes well.
Blessings, andrea

Elle said...

I hate when that happens!! That's why I've started typing all blog posts in word and copying and pasting them into blogger to post (usually a little editing is needed--erasing extra lines and such), but it's ended the frustration of losing a bunch of writing.

Love the new 'dos! You look gorgeous, and B looks awesome--very handsome (reminds me of a younger version of my hubs).