Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'm finally here. Let's hope I can get through this without any further disappearing acts.

Yesterday was an exercise in blog frustration as I was nearly done with a long post when it suddenly vanished.

Sometimes I get to typing quickly and don't pay enough attention to what I am hitting, as was the case yesterday when suddenly all I had typed was deleted.

So, after taping my keyboard back together, retrieving my computer from the front lawn and calling a window repair man, I am back in action.

Next up: memory retrieval exercise....

Saturday was the MS Walk. Overall the event was a big success. As I've said before, there is always great synergy at these events but rarely does it go off without a few hiccups: after all my bru-ha-ha about the MS Society initially wanting to place my Mom and I in what I referred to as the 'purgatory of volunteerism', as you may recall, they were gracious enough to listen to our needs and wants and put my Mom back in the V.I.P. tent and myself in registration. My feelings were hurt in where they wanted to place us but all was quickly resolved (Thanks, Todd!) and my Mom and I felt much better about things.

My Mother. My mother, my Mother. What is there to say about my Mother?

Well, at the risk of sounding heartless and unfeeling and receiving scorned feedback from other bloggers, my Mom simply embarrassed me and made me rethink this whole thing.

After my big stink about her wanting to do the V.I.P. tent, I found her simply unable to cope with the issues that came up without becoming stressed and stressing everyone else out.

In her defense let me say that things in the V.I.P. tent were not as organized as they should have been -- or as they were last year. It happens. I understand this is a HUGE event with typically about 2000 attendees and there is a lot that goes into these things. It's easy to overlook some things when one is trying to tie up the loose ends with things such as permits, sponsors, etc.

However, last year, when we arrived at 6:30 a.m. everything was there and ready for us to set up: coffee, tea, napkins, muffins, etc. This year that wasn't the case. Muffins were there (but late) and there wasn't any coffee or tea this year and napkins ran out early -- plus no serving utensils. So, that was a big 'Oops!'.

Lunch was significantly better, however, for the V.I.P.'s as this year they had it catered by a local Italian restaurant as opposed to last years pizza.

However, again, my Mom was simply ill equipped to deal with things as they came up: the V.I.P. is strictly for the top fundraisers as a way to thank them for their support. The MS Society sends out V.I.P. passes on a lanyard ahead of time for the attendees to wear that garners them entry into the V.I.P. tent. But there's always those people (we all know 'those people') who see free food and will take anything that isn't nailed down. With my Mom being the only one in there to control such things, she was no match for a large, loud family who told her 'too bad' and proceeded to help themselves to the muffins.

So, instead of discreetly alerting me or someone else that there is an issue, she alarms everyone around her. I'm at registration with a line full of people when she excitedly and very indiscreetly starts announcing loudly: "Jo Anna, we have a problem! A BIG problem! Yep, problems!"

I told her that we have customers and that she has to calm down and I'll be with her in a moment. The people that are there at the MS Walk have fundraised and/or are there to support friends and family with MS. They've come there for a good time and not to overhear something that they shouldn't. Discretion was never Mom's thing and I may have overestimated her ability to handle the V.I.P. tent.

I then went and let someone know what was happening and they posted another person in the tent for crowd control.


However, my Mom being my Mom doesn't see solutions, only problems.

Now, the morning food being late and their not being any coffee, tea, serving utensils and enough napkins, she was right on that. Can't disagree.

However, again, this is a BIG event and it's hard to think of everything -- otherwise, though, things ran smoothly.

With the MS Society's approval, Ed might be going next year to help out in the V.I.P. tent to deal with crowd control. He's big, intimidating and doesn't take any one's bullshit.

So there.

In other news, B and I are going to be meeting Meeko tonight (from 'Ramblings Of A Disgruntled Secretary' -- you can get to his blog via his blog button on my sidebar under 'My Favorite Blogs'). We're meeting at a Starbucks. Why? Just for scuzz. I've always wanted to meet him almost as soon as I learned that he, too, was from the Inland Empire and reading how hysterically funny he is. I could use a little funny. Not that I'm expecting him to show up in a clown costume (please don't -- clowns scare me.) but still. He's just witty, cynical and me in male form.

I'll take pictures and post about it tomorrow.

Look at me, getting all out there in the world!

I had a doctor's appointment on Monday where I was finally prescribed 'Paxil'. I haven't filled the prescription yet as I want to do a little research first.

Anyone have any experience with this?

Friday is my therapy appointment in which I will, once again, talk about silent rejection.

Seems to be an on-going theme in my life and one which I don't take kindly to.

Ever pour your heart out, say, in an E-mail only to receive nothing in return? No "I'm sorry this happened and that you're having such a hard time", "I understand", 'Hang in there", "I'm thinking of you"....?

I'm very much an open book. What you see is what you get. So, I take it very personally when it isn't acknowledged and won't make that same mistake again.

I think it makes the other party perhaps feel superior somehow. "Well, we'll just ignore her ramblings and make her feel stupid."

Not that it's that consciously calculating but the silence makes it feel so.

Lesson learned.

I think that's all I have for now. I'm off to pay long overdue visits to my blog friends. Will try to get to everyone today and tomorrow to catch up.

Thank you all for the compliments on mine and B's new hair -- we love it!

And Meeko -- watch out. This crazy Irish family is coming your way.


Andrea said...

Well, Sounds like an adventurous weekend. Sorry your mom embarrassed you.
I dropped by to let you know there is a "happy" update for amden on arise 2 write. I know you will be excited, too. We like it when we see others defy the odds...

Meeko Fabulous said...

Bring on the Baileys!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Have fun..dont talk about, ok, do but only good stuff

love and hugs to ya both;)

Jo said...

I couldn't talk about you and have it be anything but good. :)

Many hugs -- wish you were joining us!

Ms Bibi said...

Have fun with Meeko.

Friend of mine is on Paxil and is doing really well.That's all I know about it.

Glad to hear that the MS walk was a success even with the little drama.We are getting ready for our Walk To Cure Diabetes and Relay For Life soon.

Ronnica said...

Oh the "joys" of glad to be on Wordpress!