Friday, April 2, 2010


For an update on yesterday's post in regards to my role in the upcoming MS Walk, I broke down -- after stewing in it for about 24 hours -- and E-mailed a nice guy named Todd.

Todd is the 'Regional Program Manager' for the MS Society in my chapter -- I met him at camp last year and he is truly dedicated; a great listener and an even better problem solver.

Last year at camp, for example, I had a group of women in my cabin (whom I had the year before) that were screaming at each other quarrelling and my feeling was that the situation between them had escalated enough that it was, perhaps, out of my jurisdiction -- so, I went to get Todd to help resolve their issues.

So, I E-mailed him yesterday and asked him to kindly call me. About an hour and fifteen minutes later, I chickened out and E-mailed him again asking him to never mind the call. I had summed up in that time that I just needed to suck it up and do what is asked of me graciously.

He called anyway.

I'm afraid I became a little emotional (yes, I started crying -- it's just kind of what I do when things get the best of me and I don't confront them head on with the first appearance of it's arrival) and in not so many words I simply conveyed that I felt like my Mom and I were getting stuck in a bullshit position of high tactic sales at the upcoming MS Walk, of which I wouldn't be good at it; the 'purgatory', if you will, of the MS Walk volunteerism.

Todd stated that he didn't know anything about what was being asked of me and my 76 year old Mom and went on to explain that the two ladies in question were indeed new.

I told him that I was trying not to take it personally (like; "Oh, we'll just stick them over there to do this crappy job that no one else wants!") but that my feelings were indeed a bit hurt, as was my Mom's who, again, did a great job in the V.I.P. tent the year before and was hoping again for that position.

I went on to explain the best I could that I'm truly not trying to act like a primadonna but that I felt my Mom and I would be better suited for something else.

Todd agreed and went on to say: "Jo, you are more than a volunteer, you're family and I'm going to try to fix this."

About five or ten minutes later I received a nice call from the gal who's in charge of the volunteers and she is happily placing my Mom in the V.I.P. booth this year. I told her that I wouldn't feel right about booting someone else out of that job and she assured me that wasn't the case.

Since she was new she asked what positions I had worked the previous two Walk seasons and is placing me back at registration.

She was very nice and empathetic and I'm pleased with the results as well as the appreciation/acknowledgement. Thank you all for your support (still nothing from my sister and other family members.....).

Wildly switching gears here, once again, the following is for 'Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains' fans: Rob Vs. Russell (for the record, I'm 'Team Russell!'):


You gave it a go and gave your best shot. You were simply no match in Russell’s quest for that elusive golden pot~

We would have loved for you to have stuck around longer for you will surely be missed. Your bark may be strong but it was Russell’s sting that was heeded and loudly hissed~

A great match you were if only you worked together, but your “with or against me” is what finally did you under~

It was ‘tit for tat’, the greatest match we’ve ever seen. Your place in ‘Survivor‘ history will live on in its glorious gleam~

Make up with Coach and accept your loss like a man. It’s nothing personal in the fair isle we call ‘Survivorland’~

Everyone is out for the very same thing: to win a million dollars in this brutal and cunning game~

Learn to embrace your title as one of the best players to date, and not that you got outwitted, outlasted and, finally, outplayed.


Writing Without Periods! said...

I love this post. It really made me think. Hey, crying is okay, ya' know. :-)

Elle said...

I'm glad everything worked out, Jo! Sometimes it just doesn't hurt to ask, ya know? And, I do the emotional crying thing too. I hate it, especially when it happens at work. I feel so over-emotional at those times, and it makes me feel as though I'm not in control, which just makes everything worse.

Anonymous said...

Mea culpa, my ass.
excuse my language, but you have no fault.
You did exactly the right thing by relieving my mind that you would not be in that lousy hi stress sales job.
See, it's all about me.

But seriously, Jo. You did the right thing. For everyone. Thank you. I really mean it. I do feel better.

I remember when I was an altar boy and the mass was still in latin. At some point we, the altar boys, while kneeling had to bend forward and beat our breasts and say, mea culpa, me culpa, me maxima culpa.
I don't know what was my fault or my greatest fault, but I said it hundreds of times.

Bombshell BLISS said...

Good for you. You and your mom needed to be in a more fitting position.

It's ok to cry. I do the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Im a bit behind on all my blogs, so Im not forsure what happened, but it sounds like you handled yourself perfectly...but then you always do my friend;)

love and hugs

Julie said...

You know I love Russell, right? LOL Can't help myself...

Catching up on my blog reading, finally. Happy Saturday and Happy Easter!!!!

Anonymous said...

saw on bombshell bliss that you are a vegan - i'm in the process of being a vegan (seafood is the last thing for me to give up) so it's nice to "meet" people who live this way!