Tuesday, April 13, 2010


No, not the musical. I only dance and sing naked in private.

You may thank me.

B and I are both ready for a change. So, we have a family member who does good hair. To quote B: "She's young, hip and indie" which is exactly what appeals to B. He's not about to entrust his hair to a stranger who works at a $15.00 hair cut place.

B's had long hair for about five years now -- he doesn't want to go short per se, but he's looking into perhaps long layers...kind of like a cross between 'scene' and 80's rock.

Before and after pictures to follow.

As for me and my faded red locks? UGH!!!!

My gray hair prevails at the roots and my color just doesn't stay plus, I, too, am ready for a change. My hair is down the middle of my back and like B, I don't want to go short, either, but definitely ready for something different -- but easy to manage at the same time.

So my brother and sister-in-law have graciously offered to pay for my new cut and color as an early birthday gift -- it's my sister-in-law's daughter (my brother's step-daughter) who works in the salon.

So, that was a very nice surprise and early birthday present for me.

I don't accept gifts and generosity well so my first instinct was to graciously decline but there is no way to do that without hurting peoples feelings and I really am very grateful for their offer and find myself excited about something for myself for the first time in a long time.


In addition to getting healthy hair, I have also made an appointment finally with a physician to discuss options for my depression and anxiety treatment. My appointment is on Monday, April 19th.

It's become unmanageable and the symptoms are manifesting themselves physically as well as mentally.

I am also looking into Yoga for Ed and I -- but yikes! Classes are expensive, even through the YWCA.....

I had a therapists appointment last Friday (my next one is on Friday, April 23rd) which was very productive.

Once again, I left there with a feeling of validation -- like I'm not perhaps entirely nutty for feeling about things the way that I do. I spoke mostly of my 'yours, mine and ours' birth order status with my siblings and my feeling of disconnect. Especially with my sister who never called.

I think a healthier way to live would be to look around and nurture the relationships I do have instead of lamenting the ones I don't.

It's getting to that place of healthy thinking that will be a process.

This Saturday is the MS Walk, which I'm looking forward to and this past Saturday I joined my brother and his wife for the MS Walk in their area which their company takes part in.

I was then off to a friends sons birthday party and on Sunday was my great-niece's 3rd birthday celebration as well.

There's nothing like driving all over southern California to sooth my nerves. NOT!

We've also been dealing with a sick puppy dog -- our eleven year old black lab had to go in the doggy hospital overnight for an I.V. treatment and is now on antibiotics for tummy issues of an unknown origin. He's starting to feel back to his old self, thankfully. More money ($360.00 to be exact --yikes!) but well worth it to keep him healthy and with us a little longer.

So, I have once again been a neglectful blog friend due to my busy few days (plus, Ed was home yesterday) and hope that tomorrow I can finally spend some time catching up with you all.

I hope this finds everyone well and in a forgiving spirit. Once again, I offer my sincere mea culpa.

Peace and serenity.


Anonymous said...

sounds like you are on a healthy trail on all ends my friend;) cant wait to see the new do, I did hair for over 15yrs, so that stuff always interests me;)

love and hugs;)

BONNIE K said...

Hey! We happen to own one of those lost cost walk-in hair salons - don't knock them - we have great stylists!

Jo said...

I'm sure you do, Bonnie. It wasn't a 'knock' so much as a precautionary tale of a 20 year old young man who would rather go to somebody he personally knows and whose style he admires rather than someplace unfamiliar. We're helping to support a family member and what she does.

Money isn't the objective so much as the style. We're far from snobs, but the fact is that we don't do this often -- it's quite rare. To entrust ones hair to a stranger after so long of not having it done professionally is something we'd rather avoid.

While it sounds like yours is the exception, many of these franchises are cookie cutter rather than cutting edge.