Friday, March 5, 2010


Yesterday was my 'SITS' day and I find myself humbled with such gratitude and warmth for all these wonderful people who stopped by and said such kind, supportive things.

I will be coming by each and every one of your blogs over the course of this next week to personally thank each of you for your comment love. It may take me a while but I'll get there, promise.

For those who are new followers, I 'heartfelt-ly' thank you and welcome you with an open heart.

My cup runneth over.

In other news, yesterday morning was my second appointment with my therapist

It went really well once I got there -- however, it's the gettin' that's rotten!

Hitting every single light (I'm not kidding!) making me late -- which I CANNOT STAND.

Did I also tell you that my gas tank was empty??? B said that he had mentioned to me it was empty when he took it to the store to buy dinner stuff for me the other night but I didn't give him enough for gas, too.

So, I got to my therapists office on fumes and a prayer. Oh, and hitting the steering wheel in a fit of madness and frustration works, too.

Just ignore those people in the cars next to you rolling up their windows and locking their doors.

Once there, a good conversation took place, the details to which are a bit fuzzy at the moment; it's very early here (I've been up since 5:30) and I'm up this early because my GN attacks are waiting to pounce. I can feel it 'pulsating' and so I've already had to take two Neurontins to try and settle it down. Hoping it simmers down or I may just have to go find that hole to jump in and pull it in after me.

At the end of our appointment, we discussed my impending last free visit. I told him after that I would do the best I can to budget it in so that I can continue coming to see him but that it may only be once a month.

However, he then said that he would reduce his rates for me by a third so I can keep coming in as he felt that I'm someone who would do the work and make progress.

I nearly cried. Yesterday was a day of kindness. Again, I'm humbled.

So, I see him again on the fifteenth.

A few precautions for my next visit while driving will, naturally, be taken; 'preventative measures', if you will:

*Padded gloves for hitting steering wheel, with extra palm padding and flexible fingers, especially the middle one. Nosey people in the next car. Sheesh.

*A siren for the top of my car.

*Fifty cents to call home after I'm arrested for impersonating an officer.

*A gas can so I can get home from the car impound once I'm released.

*A bat to smack Ed and B with because they refused to claim me -- literally and figuratively.

*And an 'I'm sorry' card for when they get their stitches out: it'll take me that long to realize I may have over-reacted.

I received some fun news yesterday: I received notification that my 'So...This Is Forty?' article was published on '' -- an online magazine:

I'm simply thrilled (even though it's not a paying gig -- I'm perfectly all right with earning a little credibility instead) and hoping this will lead to other writing opportunities. For some reason, though, they blew up my picture and I'm huge, quite blurry and just...ick.

Much thanks goes out to all the wonderful and supportive 'SITS' gals -- and all my non-'SITS' bloggy pals whom I'm over the moon about! -- who took time from their busy days to kindly pay my 'little blog that could' a visit and leave such warm and inspiring comments.

Thank you all for helping to make my day special.

Many hugs.

Peace and serenity,


Shannon E. Kennedy said...

ewwww...guess I'm first. I've been trying to break up with my therapist for months now! I love therapy, but its so expensive - especially when you involve the whole family (daughter, husband, even the dog goes). Thanks for reminding me that they will reduce the $$$.

so I think we have a few things in common. first we're Irish...we like green, and we've got this rainbow connection and its not necessarily a GOOD THING. For me the rainbow represents the loss of my son - as in the lyrics to somewhere over the rainbow.."someday I'll wake up where the clouds are far behind me, where trouble melts like lemon drops, high above the chimney tops thats where you'll find me..." my son ended his life 7 years ago and I've been writing about it ever since.

but, I'll post that on my site. wanted to say thank you for being honest about your life and for writing your truth. look forward to reading you. Best, Shannon aka Green Monkey

Anonymous said...

I am soproud of you, you didnt let the stuff stop you from going...and your published, you go girl:)

love and hugs:)

Allen said...

Wow sounds like you had a day of it. I hate when you are late and hit every red light there is.

Sounds like we need a coffee break. hehe


Young Yoga Masters said...

Hi, I'm visiting from SITS - just a day late. Your blog is such an interesting topic for our times. I'm looking forward to reading your post.

All the best.

The Write Girl said...

Congratulations on the honor. I am visiting from the SITS site. I can definitely see how people are inspired by your story. May you have more success in the future. Take care : )

OC Fun Blog said...

I love the authenticity in your posts. It sounds like you have been through quite a lot in your life and it's great that you can share it with all of us so we can relate and learn:) Happy SITS Day from your new follower!

Shannon said...

Hey there, I am stopping by from my, anyhoo I am glad that you made it safely to therapy (except for your poor hands) and I pray that it continues to go well...I hope when you got home you were able to relax..after a day like that you deserve it! Happy Saturday!

Kim said...

Visiting from SiTS and glad I am. Sorry I'm late but at least I finally made it over. :)


VABookworm87 said...

Congrats on being published! I wish my mom would go to a therapist... She could REALLY use one, but she swears she doesn't lol

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

So glad to find your blog...have totally been where you are....So excited with the response to the Snail Mail post that I am giving another giveaway next Friday...Hope you will stop by....