Thursday, March 18, 2010


Bringing you the news of the beautiful people in 'Tinsel Town', 'The City Of Angels'....whatever euphemism you have for Hollywood, it would appear that all that glitters is indeed not gold.

Just ask Sandra Bullock and Jesse James.

Right on the heels of her Best Actress Oscar Win for 'The Blind Side', Sandra Bullock -- according to Hollywood gossip reports -- has reportedly moved out of the home she shares with her husband of nearly five years, Jesse James, amidst reports that he had an affair with this woman, Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee (ask me how much I HATE that this woman has an Irish surname!):

Despite reports that 'Ms. Bombshell's' boss has come out in her defense claiming that "She's the nicest woman you'll ever want to meet", I somehow doubt that as all evidence suggests she's the one who's spilled the beans on this alleged 11 month affair to the highest bidder.

These last few days reports have been flying of trouble in what seemed like the 'odd couple done good' marriage of Bullock and James since Sandra cancelled the promoting her film, 'The Blind Side', abroad this week citing "unforeseen personal reasons".

Today they say she has indeed moved out of their Long Beach, CA. home.

This after a fierce custody battle for James' youngest daughter (six year old Sunny) against his ex-wife, another -- eh hem -- 'model' in which Ms. Bullock, having no biological children of her own, has indeed happily taken on the role of 'Mom' to James' three children.

My take: I love and admire Sandra Bullock, always have -- she indeed personifies everything that is good in Hollywood and I hope they can work through this. While certainly not ideal, an affair doesn't have to mean the end of a marriage.

Watching Jesse Jame's face as Ms. Bullock accepted her best actress Oscar win stating; "To my husband, there's no surprise that my work got better when I met you, because I never knew what it felt like for someone to have my back. So thank you" you can see how proud and in love with his wife he is.

'Ms. Bombshell' may get her fifteen minutes of fame, but Sandra has already won the whole ball of wax. She's proven herself classy, scrappy and dedicated in her personal and professional lives.

I say take a cue from Tiger Woods' wife, remain publicly silent, classy and work through this.

In other news, I was very excited to wake up this morning and find that the upcoming Julia Roberts film, 'Eat. Pray. Love.', released it's first trailer. This is from the book of the same name, which I read with delight by Elizabeth Gilbert.

I read this book last year and was dumbfounded by the authors courage to chronicle her journey through travels to Italy, India and Indonesia after a failed marriage that sent her into a depressive state and into the arms of another unhealthy relationship.

She takes a leave from her life and takes to the road where she ultimately discovers her love of food in Italy, prayer/meditation in India and being in love in Indonesia.

Not everyone would have the advantage Ms. Gilbert does financially to pull this off (plus, she had no children) and I'm sure of any complaints she may have received, that would be number one on her readers' list.

However, if one can do it, by all means, do it.

It sounds cliched` to say that one needs to leave their home to go 'find themselves', but it nonetheless resonates to anyone out there who doesn't know what the next step is in their lives.

My one complaint is that the making of this film (Ms. Roberts' entourage, etc.) disrupted a deep, religious sabbatical for the people who traveled to India to stay at a specific Ashram during the filming of this movie which brought about much negative publicity, rightfully so.

'Eat. Pray. Love.' opens in July and I for one will make that rare journey out of my home, into my car and into a crowded theater to get my much needed dose.

In the meantime, watch the trailer below, read the book and go find yourself.

*P.S. Happy birthday, Steven Anthony! Love you madly, my friend!


Shannon said...

Oh I love that it! Can't wait to see it! You are always so up on entertainment is that or why is that? Have a great day sweetie! You Rock!

I am Harriet said...

Good stuff!
Loved all the info.

Stopping by from SITS to say hello.

Have a great day!

Andrea said...

Sometimes, it is best to say nothing and that is the hardest thing to do! I know...I struggle with keeping my mouth shut.
Blessings, andrea

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the bday wishes my friend;) love you bunches...

I posted about this story today as sad, I love her;(

Joanna said...

I think I need to read this book. Feeling like life ran over me, backed up, and did it again.

Went to court yesterday and feeling very broken and not sure where we're going to land. Is it normal to want to punch people who keep telling me to cheer up? :}

Looks like a good chick flick. I hadn't seen this so thanks for the heads up.

~*~Eneida~*~ said...

Hey fellow SITS-TAH! I love this blog! A little bit of reality, a little bit of startdom but 100% honesty! Great job! I'm looking forward to reading more!