Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well, this will likely be the most disjointed and the least articulate post not only that I've ever written, but likely that anyone has ever written.

My brain is fried.

Sometimes it's just too much.


My feelings are all over the map and my emotions are frayed.

It's all too much to think about.

Little or no time to myself (I don't mean B) and others wanting to take what little of time I do have (no, I don't mean you, Nikki--ha!), I always have this, that or the other to do, I need to walk more regularly, I'm dealing with an apathetic husband (Valentine's Day sucked -- thank you, Ed!!! Not the movie, the day itself -- I opted out of the movie. Wasn't in the mood), Ed being home "sick" yesterday, I'm days and days behind on my '90 Days' book/project (not that anyone gives a shit -- I'm not even sure I do right now), my friend Pat wants me to start writing a book, boys here yet again, Ed here yet again, B starting third semester today, not saving as much money as we need....more bills, more food, more expenses, less overtime, no job opportunities, parents driving us crazy, T.J. got out the other day (Ed found him, thank God-- one of the boys left back gate open), peri-menopause in high gear, grocery shopping, cooking, blogging bullshit (Oh, gee, what a surprise the blogging group picked yet ANOTHER Mommy blogger to be featured. Shocker.), being thoughtful of others but not having it returned, not sleeping well, taking care of everyone else....


I might be back tomorrow, I might be back next week or in two weeks. I don't know.

To my loyal bloggy friends -- no worries. Love you. Stay well.


Anonymous said...

It is said: "This too will pass."
sounds like bs at times. Maybe it is, but one has to hope.
"Time heals all..." more bs, maybe, maybe not. More hope, hopefully.
Lotta times, hope is all we have.
I think it's all that keeps me going.

Anonymous said...

i love ya my friend and i understand...just this morning i was saying i was runnung away, i cant handle life anymore......but last time i took a break you said please come back, im saying that to you as well.....email me, lets talk;)

love ya

Meeko Fabulous said...

Intervention! Come over. I'll have wine at the ready.

Debbie said...

I hope after your little breather you feel much better!

Leah said...

Hey Jo, like Gregory said 'this too shall pass' Dont worry dear, breathe and soon you'll be on the other side of this hurdle too. After all you've overcome bigger mountains.

Hope all will be well soon

Herrad said...

Hi Jo
Thinking of you

Jaynie Martin said...

hey come on jo your starting to sound like me (thought i was reading my own blog for a moment :S )

Take a step back and start breathing again sweetie ... tomorrow is a new day some of them do seem to be ground hog days but stay strong xxxx

miltaryman64 said...

jo jo jo jo i see your running wild my friend hormoes are catching up.sit back take a deep breath and chill. life is tuff , and it can be worst.just remember as long as we are in the frying pan we are ok.if you like i can help you out w/ur book projo we can brainstorm , not that there's much left , but we can squeeze out a few cells. ill give you a buzz today. also anout the TNA opps you ment Q&A sure ask. what you like to know about a 3 or 4 world country

Juliana said...

I am a new follower I am just finishing a bankrupcty as our business closed in April and we are hoping to get our house from being auctioned with the help of our family. I am sorry that you are going through all this Keep your pretty head up new friend

Jaynie Martin said...

Hey jo was interested to read your post today i had similar issue when my sons (now ex) lived with us so i made a house rules poster i made it fun so it wasnt you have to comply stuff i did things like
hey you it dont cost any thing to smile your allowed to do this in our house
and now if finished waiting on you a thank you would be nice and washing up would be nicer
love you being here but your a guest not a lodger ..lol
im sure you can think of lots of things your self many stopped and read and it did help as they got to thinking about things i put up :) my poster has been re newed but rules still in place