Saturday, February 6, 2010


“I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!” ~Dr. Seuss

As this week nearly comes to a close, I thought I would share what I learned.

I don't normally do that, but this seemed to be a week of insights.

*I've learned that all those years, after my kids were long past needing a sitter, when Ed gently urged me to a get a job (not just for the income but for myself) -- I fought against it. It would mean leaving my comfort zone -- and I simply didn't have the confidence to carry that off.

Now I feel differently. Doing my '90 Days' blogs' exercises has been enlightening. I'm actively applying for just about anything right now just to get my foot back in the door. I haven't worked outside of the home for two years. Dipping my toe back in the waters of commerce, even in some small way, is something I think I'm ready for.

*I've learned that some people -- at least as of now -- aren't redeemable, in spite of my giving them [very recent] credit to the contrary and it will only affect their spirit and their heart. If they can't let go, change their ways and learn and grow from this -- then they are in for an unhappy existence until they can do so. It disappoints me but it will not affect me.

*I've learned that those people are hurting themselves more than they are me and those who believe in them.

*I've learned that one young person in my life is full of strength that they didn't know they had and has acted with grace under fire and I am so immensely proud of that person (A, you know who you are!). I love you, hang in there! There are people on your side, we are one such family. Others can learn from you.

*I've learned that the above mentioned, along with B (my son) makes up for some of the rest of their generation. You two were raised right.

*I've learned that doing things for myself is something I deserve; walking, reading, writing, watching movies that make me cry....and that whatever I need to do to lift up my spirits and get my mind, body and soul healthy is worth doing so. To have someone by my side (thank you, Nikki!) while doing it, is even better.

*I've learned that one phone call from a long time friend who is deported overseas (Kosovo, to be exact) can put your mind at ease. I'm glad you are safe, Pat!

*After much thinking about life this week, I've learned that blood is not always thicker than water. During this past horrendous year, I received more support from the likes of my 'other kids' and my blog friends (Steven, Meeko and Andrea) more than I have from my siblings. To Ed: We are not bound by blood but together we created blood and you and B are my forever family, my heart and the very sole reason I take that first step into each new day.

*I've learned this week that even $50.00 dollars left in the bank is so much better than where we were a year ago and that I'm okay with that. It will keep building and we will keep surviving, God willing.

*I've learned this week that even if I don't have much to say, or anything to prove, to keep writing (it's cathartic! even if no one else gets it) and that learning and growing is a way to improve my soul and my spirit.

*I've learned this week that good attorney's are hard to come by but when you have a good one by your side, it can make all the difference.

*And last but not least, I'm learning to like myself a little more each day and that the only validation I need comes from within.


Jo's Corner said...

Hi JO! It's JO!
Hey Sweet Pea ~ I got your letters, both of them. You are so kind! Thank You, for reaching out and spreading the Love! It really touches me deeply, that you take the time to do things for me. And, if I haven't said it already, I SO Appreciate the donation you made for my wheelchair. The money is sitting in my PayPal account and hopefully I'll be able to get it! I definitely want to have it by NEXT winter! It's probably not gonna happen this year. It has been sort of hellish this winter. I have to work so hard when I DO get out, because my current chair stinks! Well, it stinks, due to the ICE & SNOW I live in. BUT, having said that, I am very THANKFUL that I have a wheelchair at all! My heart just aches when I think about all of the new amputees in Haiti and wonder how they will get around.

Jo, you have given me at least 2 or 3 Blog Awards, but I don't know how to put them on my Blog. Isn't there a HTML Code that I need to copy and paste? Could you let me know?

Gotta get myself moving! I'll try to do a post today!!! LOve You MUCH, Jo!!

Jo said...

Hi, sweetie! So good to hear from you!!! You sound well and that is so good to know!

What I do for the blog awards is that I highlight the pictures (by right clicking) and click 'Save to my computer'. From there you add them to your gadgets: Click 'Dashboard', go to 'Layout', click 'Add a Gadget' and then click on the option of 'Picture' (the 7th one down) and from there you can upload the picture/award/s to your sidebar! You can also copy and paste the picture to your posts.

I'm so happy to hear from you--will anxiously await your next post!

Until then, stay well and warm!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo!
I was just on my way over to your place after stopping by Mary's!
How on earth do you do THREE blogs??
Thanks so much for stopping by ddna and for your sweet comments! You are always welcome there.

Jo said...

Hi 'Herself' and thank you.

One blog is inactive ('Diary OF A Sad Housewife') but I save it as a 'referencing tool'. The other, '90 Days' is my temporary blog used solely as a place for my experiments and lessons from the book I am currently reading and this blog ('The End Of The Rainbow'), is my permanent home here on blogspot.

Thank you so much for stopping by -- I'll be back again soon to visit! :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful lessons, Jo.
They will help others of us as well.

Thanks for your comment on the collage. It's a substitute for Photobooth, because I failed picnik.

What's a super bowl? What makes it super?

I don't think I've watched one since '82 when I was in Germany and Pittsburgh was playing and due to time difference, I fell asleep.
I don't follow pro sports anymore. I did a post on it. You were not paying attention.

Here it is if you want to go study it

There will not be a quiz.
BTW do you know how to leave a clickable link?:

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Funny, you and I seem to be on a journey of self discovery at the same time...mmmmm interesting;)

any place that hires you will be lucky to get you, you are a wonderful, caring, smart and determined soul.....go get um my friend;)

love ya

Naqvee said...

some of these lessons are quite universal, and I have applied them to myself at times.. like calling a friend who has been away and didnt hear from long time + doing things for myself is a pleasure...

Jo, we can learn daily but what you've done, learnt, written and gone through is exceptional. Hats Off to your spirit.

Love Naqvee

Andrea said...

Thought I would drop by and suggest you visit sitka's blog. I just posted a picture of him in the snow. It is an awesome shot. Thought you might enjoy it.
Are we friends on facebook? If not, and you would like friend me and you can see other pictures that I posted from our third winter storm. I am Andrea Bowling Perdue. It is a picture of me in a green shirt with sitka.