Thursday, February 4, 2010


Stopped by over to see Amy at 'Just Add Walter' to see if she was hosting 'Thursday Tirade'.

But poop! She wasn't hosting it today (at least when I started this post).

So, I had to make something else up so I can legitimately air my grievances.

Hell, I do that anyway. I just thought with a cute title called 'Tattletale Thursday', perhaps I won't come across as such a whiny, self-serving biznatch!

Okay, I probably will.

Today my tirade is all about the blog world.

I 'belong' to a blogging group and have met some other very nice bloggers.

I won't mention any names of said blog group nor bloggers -- no assumptions, please; I belong to several blog groups all with the same purpose, mission and routine.

Okay, now that the 'rules' are out of the way, onto my rant. Woo-hoo!!!!

Every day, this group picks a blogger for others to go and visit and spread comment love.

And just about every day it's about another 'Mommy Blogger'.

Okay, those of you who know, I have two grown children. And I have admitted on more than one occasion that if blogging was around back when my kids were being raised, I may have very well been one more 'Mommy Blogger'.

I seriously don't have anything against them and I think it's great that they have a place to share and vent about their families and connect with other 'Mommy Bloggers'. Again, I would have likely done the same thing.

So, to the Mommy bloggers out there -- I support what you do and think it's great you have an outlet. You need it, you deserve it.

But....there are other bloggers out there who write about other things other than 'Mommydom'.

So, dear blogging group: How about exercising a little variety by picking one of us every other day instead of the world of 'Mommy's' day after day after day?

Today's blogger was no exception (all about life with kids) but was different in another way: they already have over a thousand followers. A THOUSAND! Plus, a 'paypal' button on their blog.

I poked around a little bit trying to find out what is going on in their life that they did that -- but I couldn't find an explanation.

Ill child? Lost income? Home burned down and need to rebuild? Going through bankruptcy and having wages garnished? Oh, wait, that was me.

No clue.

Whatever it is, I simply moved on and came here -- I sincerely hope they have better days ahead.

Back when Ed and I were seeing our own very dark days, I read about an ill child on here (again, no names mentioned and no assumptions, please. There are quite a few bloggers with ill children -- all of whom my heart goes out to) and I donated $10.00 on their blogs 'paypal'.

Like many other people out there -- man, oh, man -- $10.00 is a lot and surely there were people who donated more.

Well, I got zero acknowledgement. This was months ago.

Okay, so, they have bigger things going on, I honestly get that. I'm not impervious to a mothers anguish and cannot even imagine...

However, I also figure if they have time to blog, blog and blog, they also had time to send a brief 'thank you' to those who saw their need and reached out.

Of course, I mentioned to someone the other day that I'm the person who still hand writes 'thank you' notes.

Have they -- and manners -- become a thing of the past? Am I a relic?

So, I said to myself; "Well, I won't be doing that anymore!"

But, that's a lie. If there's a need out there in which I can help in any small measurement, like many of you, I will, of course do what I can, little as it may seem.

As a fundraiser for the MS Walk, I understand that if everyone who is able gave a little, it all adds up to great things and encourages humanity and compassion.

In other blogger news (*see also gripes, whining, bemoaning, complaining...but, hey -- it's my blog and I'll cry if I want to), I have been encouraging people for about a week now to venture on over to my '90 Days' blog (I added a button on my side bar of this blog yesterday to make it easier for you to locate '90 Days' and check it out).

To reiterate, I am following the steps in a book I recently got titled; 'Now What? 90 Days To A New Life Direction' by Laura Berman Fortgang.

While I went in with skepticism, I am nonetheless applying it's lessons and airing all my dirty laundry (see my 'Warts And All' post a few below this) as I post the books exercises. The author really aims at those who are switching careers and looking for something new -- that's not me. However, I am adapting those lessons to my life to try and figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

It's been cathartic, purging and makes one face the brutal truth about themselves and how they got to this point -- I hold nothing back.

So, kindly go check out my '90 Days' blog. If you're so inclined, do the lessons yourself, see where it gets you. I would equate it to using up a whole box of tissues in one good cry session.

I'm also still quite disappointed in some young people I know, but promised B I wouldn't blog about it. So, all I can say is they know who they are and what they need to do (and what they need to stop doing) and hold themselves accountable. It would be the first step in 'adulthood' and will make you better, more productive and enlightened citizens were you to concentrate on other things in your lives, I promise you. By doing this, you would perhaps restore and reinvigorate some friendships. I, for one, will be here cheering you all on 'cause my heart still holds a warm place for each of you -- you're all bright, funny and capable and I know you're better than this.

That's all I have for today, folks. I'm off for my walk.

Thanks for tuning in to my 'Tattletale Thursday'. I'll be back a bit later to check out what's new on everyone else's blogs.

Until then, wishing you all a great day, peace and serenity,


Meeko Fabulous said...

Girl! Again, we are so much alike. I feel sort of ostracized at times for not having ovaries or children. Also, I too still handwrite my thank you notes. :) *hugs*

Anonymous said...

I don't hand write anything any more. My 'handwriting' is atrocious, always was. I type well.

I have some sunshine for you on my blog. Come and get it.
living my life, whatever

Sandy said...

Yeah, that blogging group gets a bit tedious. I joined it last year when I was new to blogging and was looking for a way to bring people to read and comment and to maybe get a few more followers. I actually was FB last week which was very cool because I received lots of visitors, comments and a few new followers but I have to admit, I am so over that crowd. Many, many nice people but I don't have a whole lot in common with them and it got hard to keep up.

I saw the whole thing through and was faithful until being FB but I'm hoping to find other groups with a few less rules and a few more people with more things in common. As I pointed out in my post on my FB day, I am not a SAHM, WAHM or even a M. Many of those bloggers go a little heavy on the mommy stuff. I think they could use a little more ME focus or maybe that's just how I feel.

But I did find your blog through them and I'm cool with that!

Sandy said...

Another comment on your post, I agree 1) that every donation no matter how large or small deserves an acknowledgment and, of course, a thank you, and 2) I still most definitely write (as in handwrite) thank you notes when appropirate.

Let's hope such things never go out of style!

Jaynie Martin said...

hey jo :) always love reading your blog... yep the mum thing is a bit much on that site i've kinda felt i dont really fit there even though a mum same as you to now adults and im a granny :S lol think they should have said exclusively to mums with small kiddies ... i think your wonderful donating and all that do should take a moment and acknowledge the kindness others make gonna go visit your 90 days :)