Thursday, February 4, 2010


My heartfelt thank you to Gregory at 'Living My Life' for awarding me the 'Sunshine Blog Award'!

Gregory had some very kind things to say about myself and my blog -- my poor little flailing blog and I needed this 'pick-me-up' today and how he knew that is beyond me! But it came at a great time and is so appreciated!

Much thanks, my new friend!

I'm supposed to name twelve nominees and pass this award along.

However, I simply don't have twelve people to do that. My favorite and loyal bloggy friends (Meeko, Steven Anthony and Andrea) have received awards from me (I don't want it to seem trite that I keep awarding the same people even though they deserve one every day! but it would seem insincere). So, I only have a few people I have yet to recognize and, so, I find this award -- and this day -- the perfect occasion to honor their blogs.

Two of these are newer bloggy friends and both have been very kind with supportive and fun comments!

The first is Ms. Bibi from 'Misery To Happiness'. Raising awareness for Juvenile Diabetes (her son is afflicted with JD) and raising her kids with an often traveling husband (for his job), I dig her outlook and her company! You will, too.

The other is Kathy from 'Kathy's Kampground Kapers'. Kathy is another supportive and fun commenter who tells it like it is and has the patience and tenacity of a saint. Running a campground with her husband, she tells about their interesting life on her blog.

The other is for my friend, Jo, over at 'Jo's Corner'. I have written about Jo in several posts. She is quite brave, alone, battling cancer and is welcoming and encouraging our correspondence. She loves to receive mail and has posted her mailing address on her posts.

Jo hasn't posted for about a month now (I sent her off a note last week) and so please, kindly, keep her in your thoughts and prayers if you would.

Copy and paste the 'Sunshine Award' onto your sidebar and pass it along to whomever you think needs a little sunshine in their day.

Thank you, again, Gregory, for bringing me my very own much needed sunshine!

How about some cheese ball music? I think we could all use a little cheesy now and then, eh?

To everyone I wish for you all a 'Sunshine Day':


Sandy said...

Congratulations on your award! We all need a little more sunshine in our lives.

Andrea said...

Congratulations, sweetie. You deserve these awards. I am thankful to be counted as a faithful follower. I have enjoyed getting to know you a little better and praying for you.
Hugs, andrea

Anonymous said...

A wonderful posting, Jo. You do have a wonderful way with words and thoughts.

I skipped the Brady thing. You know, well....

I enjoyed making the selections, you all seemed so right for it.

Anonymous said...

congrats my friend, ou really do bring sunshine into my life;)

love ya

Naqvee said...

HI Jo.. a ray of sunshine is something every one wants.. Im elated that you're being supported and loved by all of us.. who are in the other world where we have never met but we still know the well kept secrets of each other hearts..
Isn't this purely amazing that we share our sorrow and pride with those whom we would never otherwise talk with b'coz in one or the other, we all are strangers...? I loved this concept of blogging!

congratulations dear Jo.

{{{{{{ HUGZ}}}}}}} and smiles {{{{{☺}}}}}

Adrienne said...

Congrats on the award. And I was up at 4:30 too. Not because I was out partying and some guy was eating jello shots off my stomach but because I was reading a good book and couldn't put it down. Ugh I such a nerd. lol

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest