Tuesday, February 2, 2010


One Month and Counting:

Yesterday marked one month since Ed and I had our bankruptcy hearing. What happens is that after about a 60 day period, a judgment will be made.

Our attorney isn't foreseeing any problems -- it appears pretty cut and dry -- and while it can still go either way, we are feeling hopeful.

The main thing is that the garnishment has stopped and Ed is now able to kick up the overtime in an attempt to make up for all we lost last year.

We had to borrow the money for attorney's fees and other money for various things like rent one month and B's root canal which I want and need to start paying back. We're not at that point yet where we can do that but we're getting there slowly but surely.

Between Ed's car repair (our 'oldest son' graciously did that for us, only costing us parts, which were still $300 but would have cost us much more had we gone somewhere to have it done, so, I am indeed thankful to him for that), two tickets I need to pay on (courtesy of Ed and all his commuting) and Ed needing new tires soon, paying people back is going to be a slow process.

In the meantime, I received a lovely E-mail from our attorney that I want to share with you.

I am protecting his privacy and will, of course, not disclose his name nor location, but nonetheless wanted to post his E-mail that made me smile and feel even more grateful. This is a man who knows his job, does it well and does so with humility.

He also paid me a high compliment on my blog.

I will post my E-mail first, and then his gracious response.

I wish for anyone going through bankruptcy to have the kind of compassion, know-how and tenacity in an attorney that we did.

First my E-mail to him:

I will try to keep this brief -- for your sake. I stand by what I said yesterday to you in your office parking lot: I don't know what we would have done without you.

What a comfort you became to myself and my family; to meet a man of your work ethic and academic and business stature who saw our need and fought with us for resolve and resolution blows my mind and fills my heart with an unfamiliar feeling--peace and happiness for the first time in I don't know how long.

I speak on behalf of Ed, 'B' and myself when I humbly thank you for working so hard for us and bringing us this new lease on life where not a moment will be taken for granted, I assure you.

I don't know if you're aware of this, but since June of '09, I have been chronicling my journey with bankruptcy (it was my way to vent and reach out to others who have perhaps gone through the same things) and just yesterday began a refreshing new blog titled: 'The End Of The Rainbow: Life After Bankruptcy' (any mention of you and previous attorney is done so with anonymity to protect your privacy).

Any time you have a few moments, feel free to see what you helped create.


I'll sign off now but know that I carry with me a sense of serenity that wasn't there before and to say 'thank you' sounds trite and insincere, but it comes from a true place.

With warm regards and sincere gratitude,

His response:

Dear Ed and Jo:

Thank you for the kind words. You also need to give yourself credit for trusting your intuition, accepting the initial setback you experienced in your "financial transition" and digging in sufficiently to know that there was a solution to your situation. I am not a big believer in heroes and myths. That is because I have very often found that super talented, super intelligent and/or super people one way or the other can still let us "down". I have often told my daughter that if there is any lesson she can remember me by, it is that the most difficult thing in life is to get back up on the horse after you've been kicked off and the second most important lesson is to make sure you show up in time even if it is to get kicked off. The metaphor is that people for whom things come "easy" are not necessarily the people we want for the things that are difficult and challenging. I would, hands down, always prefer the person used to "hard work" as opposed to the one whether for talent or privilege, used to "hardly working".

I have had a chance to review the blog and I must say, I am really impressed. This is talented work--pleasing to the eye, and the content is both sincere and entertaining. Now---this is something you need to explore and monetize. I truly mean that. This is upper echelon stuff for a blog.

We will keep you posted on the closing of your matter.

It's gestures like his that can uplift ones spirit and remind me of my promise to myself: to not take anything for granted.

I feel a sense of responsibility to not only myself, Ed and B -- but also for this man who worked hard on our behalf. I need to do right by all of us.

I am continuing on my path of self-discovery (see my '90 Days' blog for more on that) and will continue to fight for my place in commerce and in my little universe.

So, to our attorney -- I have such immense gratitude for. I know he doesn't want or need it per se, but he has it nonetheless:

I will never forget where we came from before meeting you, what we were facing (thanks to our previous attorney who wouldn't do the work, more less return phone calls/E-mail's) and how your first phone call to me made me feel like everything will turn out for the better.

I will never forget your role in this whole process.

So, while you may not be a 'hero' by literary standards -- for me, for my family and in our present and future lives -- you remain one in my heart nonetheless.

Peace and serenity,


Anonymous said...

it is all gonna be good my friend....your life is on an u swing......youll see;)

love you bunches.

scrappysue said...

hey! i'm still feeling the sits fb day love, but your comment popped out at me when i saw the word bankruptcy. my bf just moved from nz to australia because her husband's company had liquidated and the banks were moving to personally bankrupt him. he's working hard to make a living and pay people back,but right now there are more opportunities for them in oz. i don't know your personal circumstances, but as a friend of someone who's going through a tough time, i can only imagine how difficult things are for you right now. i hope you have great friends, and that you are able to get through this challenging time in your life. lots of bloggy love can only help i'm sure! thanks so much for stopping by, and for your lovely comment.