Saturday, February 13, 2010


I'll keep this short and sweet (like some love affairs):

Nothing says love like a kick ass movie montage set to the music of David Bowie.

I'm just sayin'.

Wishing you all love, in whatever form it comes your way.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the music, LOVE the montage, Love you my friend;)


FranticMommy said...

Your blog looks very interesting. I can't wait to dig in and read more! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog on my SITS Day. And what a great day it was! When you have a moment, pop back over. I don't do many giveaways, but I have a cool one going now on a great kids book. TTFN!

Meeko Fabulous said...

Happy belated Valentine's day! :)

miltaryman64 said...

hey jo i see your running a muck. just remember D NILE is just not a river in sure you will come to your senses. its never too late or better late than never. so take your time comming out of the closet, but when you do come out make sure your wearing silver n blk outfit you always wanted to wear. you'll be glad to know that im am now not a repub and not just no but hell no, im not a dem either.the way i see it both parties are full of crap.they both take care of the corp that line their pockets. you can call it campiagn contribution or bribery take your the old days it was bribery , but they re-word it so they will not go to jail as they did get money from the example oil/gas.politians both dem &repub will never do anything about it since both own stocks in oil co and are getting rich while all the poor worker bees are struggling to make ends met and we are fighting for the scaps.they should make it illegal for any polictian to have any connection to any corps or special interset group. that including stocks.well thats my tip of the day...... p.s if there are any typos which i am sure there will be i just to want to go back n fix them....besides im sure you can read my typebonics