Friday, February 12, 2010


Why 'Friday Follicles' and not 'Friday Follies'?

Because follies you can't pull out by the roots. Hair you can and it will be amazing if mine lasts the weekend.

The toe thing will be later in this post.

First of all, I want to apologize in advance for being a bad blog friend -- I owe a visit and comment love to many of you (hi, Allen, Andrea, Naqvee and Meeko!) but....blah, blah, blah.

Tomorrow evening, we are happily hosting a birthday party for B's best female friend, 'A', whom he's known for six years.

A is also Nikki's daughter -- Nikki, as you may recall, is my motivator and walking buddy! A.K.A. 'Little Dynamo!'

So, yesterday, I went and picked up a few things for said event and between today and tomorrow, my things to do list before said party is as follows:

*Go to store to get rest of items

*Dye wash my hair

*Pull weeds and unwanted grass in front planter, plant pink flowers (A's favorite color) and trim palm frawns in planter.

*Nikki's coming over today at 10:30 to walk (which I NEED to do) and see what I got yesterday for the party and right after that, it's off to Orange County to see Ed's folks, in which we will likely be gone the rest of the day (Ed has today off).

*Clean house, cook and decorate

Before I sign off, a few notes on last nights premiere of 'Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains':

'Sugar' needed to go.

I'm over her crying, although, her topless flip off to the other tribe was awesome! See what happened, though? She used up all her glory early on -- after that, she fizzled out. In what? Two days out there she managed to cry a few times, wake everybody up by yakking in the middle of the night, was rendered useless at the immunity challenge, cried some more, attempted a match with Colby (who was in no mood for romance after getting beat by 'Coach' in the reward challenge!), didn't take the hint and followed him around like an annoying kid sister (remember, he also rejected Jerri back 10 years ago...Um, Colby? Is there something you need to get off your chest???), cried some more in confessional and was voted out after some much debate over who should go? The useless and annoying or the strongest and most threatening?

You need the strongest right now, but you don't want to merge with them, so keep them around as long as you can while the teams are still divided.

What's up with Rupert???

I read several articles that noted what we didn't see last night: That when Rupert broke one of his little toes, he apparently by all accounts SCREAMED ENDLESSLY. I guess he really carried on.

Now, granted, I've never broken a toe or any bones, I've been lucky. I can imagine it doesn't feel great, to say the least. But to scream and carry on? Dude, I love you madly but it was a TOE!

I was there when my brother, who was a teenager at the time, accidentally dropped weights on his arm and broke it. No screaming. I got shot in the leg by a rifle when I was 13. No screaming. Crying, yes. Lots of it. Screaming, no.

Then there was Rupert's fire making attempt: he used up how much of the flint they won in the reward challenge and still no fire?

So, my question is; has our beloved Rupert lost his Mojo????

Onto the 'villains'. The reward challenge was one of physical strength with two members of each tribe being pitted against one another at a time. All's fair in love and 'Survivor' as long as there is no playing dirty (choking, intentional infliction of pain on the opposing team,, dirty shots, etc.), but the villains came awful close to overstepping their boundaries, including twisting Stephenie's arm so badly that they pulled it right out of it's socket! It happens and I don't honestly think they meant to do that -- they seemed genuinely concerned when medics were called in to pop it back into place. Stephenie was a trooper! What I didn't like was Courtney 'cheering on' her teammates by yelling (in regards to Stephenie during said battle): "Break her arm!!!".

Way to live up to your villainous name you stupid, skinny, heartless skank.

Then there's my personal favorite, Russell, who seems to be taking a back seat early on (with the exception of a few conversations in an attempt to form his 'Dumb-ass girl alliance' -- his term, not mine -- part two) unsure yet where he fits in with his seasoned tribe mates. I hope he pulls himself out of his 'awe' and gets back to being the Russell we saw last season.

Well, I don't know when I'll be back, but...I'll be back. Maybe Sunday. Monday? Who the bloody hell knows???? Not I.

Until then, I'm off like a dirty shirt. Have a great weekend, all -- and Happy Valentine's Day.

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Meeko Fabulous said...

Have a great weekend! :) I skipped a lot of the post because I haven't watched Survivor yet. I DVR'd it.