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Create a character, include gender, name and description.

Today's storyline is that your character gets fired -- how will they react?


Veronica is a 40 something wife and Mom. She is 5'7, about 158 with long, red hair and big brown eyes. She doesn't dress fancy nor does she wear make-up, however, she 'cleans up well' for occasions that call for it. Her husband tells her every day how beautiful she is, with nary a wrinkle and a voluptuous figure. Not thin by any means but just right in hubby's eyes.

With her kids now grown (her youngest in college and her oldest long out on her own) she is wondering what to do with her time. Veronica's Husband works much out of town and is supportive of anything she cares to do.

He's been her biggest supporter.

But...what now? she wonders.

Having married young and had children young, she never had a college education but has shown a flair for writing.

Veronica decides to send out a few of her short stories to several women's magazines, hoping to catch their attention.

Finally, after months of rejection, a smaller, newer publication gives her the bite she needs.

One of her stories is published and a $500.00 check is soon in her mailbox with her name on it.

"This is a great start", she says. "Who knows where this could lead?"

Impressed with her writing finesse, this magazine soon offers her a bi-monthly column.

She writes about causes she's passionate about and interviews other women to find out what matters to them.

She feels complete and validated for the first time in a long time.

Oh, Veronica loved raising her children and if she did nothing else but raise two bright, capable kids with her wonderful husband by her side, then she considered herself successful.

However, this was different. This was something just for her, something she hadn't done for a long time.

Little did she know that bad news was looming.

A swarm of blood thirsty vampires swooped into town, taking her captive in order to make her their new leader, in which she must endure a gruesome initiation process.

Just kidding. Just seeing if you're paying attention.

Just as Veronica started to gain footing in her literary world and thinking about writing her first book, the magazine folded.

She knew it was a new publication but it seemed to be doing so well, with her column being one of the highlights.

Her editor explained to Veronica and the rest of the distraught staff; "The world of women's magazines is a highly competitive one and we were up against the likes of 'Woman's Day' and the mother of them all, 'Good Housekeeping'. We gave it a good shot and this in no way is a reflection on any of you. I will personally sit down and write each of you a glowing recommendation. I thank you all for being a part of this and am sorry to have to say good-bye. I wish you all well."

Feeling deflated and holding back tears, Veronica started to gather her things and making the rounds saying good-bye to her fellow writers.

Just then, her editor pulled her aside and whispered: "Veronica, you especially have impressed me. I don't normally pull strings, but I have a fondness for you and your writing ability. Shannon O'Neil is a top editor at 'Random House' in San Fransisco. She is expecting your call. I think the two of you could come up with some wonderful book ideas. Should she accept you, you'll find her fair and easy to work with. Good Luck."

Veronica knew she was at a crossroads: she could go back to her life in domesticity where it is safe, warm and familiar OR she could make that call, face rejection -- or possible success.

What now?


Meeko Fabulous said...

OMG . . . Is this in any way, shape or form based on you? Cause if so . . . GO FOR IT!!!

Jo said...

LOL, Meeko! I wish!

This story is loosely based on my dreams. I have submitted stories to women's publications (this was several years ago) and heard nothing back.

So, my 'Utopia' would certainly entail freelance writing that would hopefully lead to other opportunities.

Perhaps one of these days, I can try again....

Much sincere and heartfelt thanks for your support and encouragement, darling friend!

Anonymous said...

I was reading this thinking, wow, this has to be about Jo.....then I read your responce to meeko....

all I know my frind is you are truly one of the kindest most talented women I know...I think any dream you reach for could be yours;)


Jo said...

Thank you, Steven.

Next to Ed, you are my biggest cheerleader and I appreciate you and your confidence in me.

Right back at you!


Anonymous said...

You little brat. You got me so good my mouth was hanging open, and then I see you off to the side laughing at me.

Real good story.

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Anonymous said...

Oh shoot, you can't see the html code. duh.

I'll write it out and e mail it.

Anonymous said...

Duh, I don't have your e mail.

"Day To Day"

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Anonymous said...

oh shit, I did it again.

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Jo said...

Gregory, thank you for the laugh of the day!

Jeanne said...

Thanks for playing along!

We have similar dreams....

Jo said...

Thank you, Jeanne -- that was indeed good fun and thanks for becoming a new follower.

To everyone else, I seriously wasn't laughing at you (not even a snicker, I pinky swear!). I am just tickled at your confidence in me and I suppose I don't take compliments well.

I probably should have made 'Veronica' blonde, blue eyed, UN-happily married, 5'10 and THIN to avoid any confusion. See? Totally my fault. :D

Love you all!

Now, go over and visit my '90 Days' blog, darn it! And thank you, Steven, for hanging with me over there. :)

Melissa B. said...

Thanks for brightening my day. We've got 2 feet of snow, and it's still coming down!SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did...

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