Friday, February 26, 2010


Today is my first therapy session and I'm nervous as all hell. Hell, I tell you!

Adding to my already 'Nervous Nelly' thing I have going on is that my car is broken down. "Oldest son' and B both tried explaining to me what the deal is with it but all I heard was the $150 - $160 that it's going to cost for the parts for them to fix it for me.

Don't get me wrong, I'm pleased to have built in 'car guys' who know what to do, and I acknowledge that to take it in to a mechanic would easily cost me double or triple that.

But shit. Just can't seem to get ahead.

So, I'm off and running today in B's Jeep, a stick shift which I haven't driven for years.

So, B took me for a test run last night to refresh my cobweb memory on how the mechanics work. We get so lazy and complacent with 'modern technology' that I actually had forgotten what a blast it is to drive a manual and recalled my own brother teaching me how to drive a stick, way back when, while screaming at me and calling me a 'senseless twit'.

B was thankfully kinder and actually very complimentary, particularly impressed with my down shifting skills.

Yep. I still got it.

Of course, I immediately came home and re-routed my directions to the therapists so I didn't have to take the freeway.

Whatever I got, it left.

In other news, 'oldest son' and his wife came over last night (another ritual; to hang out with Ed before he goes to bed) and she, again, came in without saying a word.

I thought to myself; "Okay, enough of this shit! I don't know exactly what the deal is but whatever 'it' is, it's stopping now!"

Driving that stick gave me the confidence to confront the situation head on.

So, I got up and marched right on over and said; "Ed, What are YOU going to do about this?"

That's how I roll.

Ed agreed that something needs to be said to 'oldest son' but no sooner did we all commence to the garage to hang out, she came in and joined in our conversation and seemed to enjoy the camaraderie.

So, perhaps she read my blog from the other day and recognized that she needs to make an effort and be polite at the very least.

You don't mess with me, I tell you.

Will keep everyone posted on my session today (and will also later post on my '90 Days' blog).

Thank you for all your well wishes, friendship and support.

Cheers to loony people everywhere, subtitled: "How to solve problems in three sessions of 50 minutes or less".


Anonymous said...

as someone who has spent some time on the couch myself, I think you are goin g to find it a freeing of luck my friend, my thoughts are with ya;)

much love

Andrea said...

Sounds like God is working things out..whether she read your blog or not, someone or something apparently got through to her.
As for therapy! Relax and know you are one step closer to being emotionally judgment here..I am still a work in progress. I have come a long way, but I am thankful I am much healthier, now.

Meeko Fabulous said...

Have fun and talk about everything and anything. It will feel great once you get out of there! I was usually emotionally drained, but felt a lot better.

Anonymous said...

I passed your comment on to Brea. I'm sure she appreciates hear from someone with experience and I told her to come her and see what a great blog you have.

Hope therapy went well.
I've been in and out of it several times over the years since they diagnosed depression when I went to rehab for alcohol.
I don't like to talk, so it didn't always do much for me. I didn't want to tell you that before you went. It's a lot of what you put into it. Just talk, vent, whatever. Get it out.

nikki said...

Okay I am anxiously awaiting to read all about your session. I was climbing on our mountain this morning for an hour and a half thinking about you.

Good about your problem with you know who - LOL. I crack myself up sometimes, but someone has to.

Love ya, I hope it went well this morning.

Oh and way to go with the jeep woman!! You are amazing!!