Thursday, January 28, 2010


I want to thank Steven Anthony from 'No Excuse, No Explanation' for my very first blog award for 'The End Of The Rainbow'.

Steven has been my cheerleader (you should see him in his cheer outfit--great knees!) and my friend throughout this whole messy process that is my life. He has lovingly offered and given his unconditional support with never a harsh word, only gentle, kind and loving encouragement.

I would love to go visit him in Michigan, Missouri, Mammoth Lake, Kuala Lumpur or wherever the hell he's from one of these days and enjoy a cup of coffee so I can thank him in person for his friendship, which means so much.

I don't have a lot of adult friends and the support I have received on here has more than made up for that.

Okay, back to my point. And do I have one????

Oh, yes indeed.

I was bestowed the 'Kreativ Blogger' award for which I humbly and gratefully accept.

Seeing as that it's award season in Hollywood, I would like to take a cue from all the film makers and make a speech.

::Clears throat and takes out long list of people to thank that rivals the length of Paris Hilton's lovers::

To the bevy of girls who beat me up in junior high school. I have no idea why you deserve to be thanked but surely you must have something to do with the fact that I am very wary of people and have thus turned to blogging which then led me to this kind award. So, I guess I thank you and hope you're all enjoying life in prison.

To the people who make the 'Turtle Trails' soy frozen dessert! OH MY GOD! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

To my childhood cat, Jo-Jo -- you rocked!

To my present cat, Priscilla '(Prissy') -- I think it's time we up your psychotropic meds 'cause girl, you be crazy! But mama loves you anyway!

To T.J., my sweet black lab mix -- what is up with the eye goobies every morning??? I will continue to happily and lovingly remove them until the end of time 'cause mama loves you, too, my sweet furry companion.

Mom -- why does you car smell soooo badly and your house such a mess???? I love you but sheesh woman. By the way, you're invited to our Superbowl party.

To my late father who was a man who could, and did, live happily without his kids -- I loved you anyway and always wanted your acceptance and approval. Thanks for giving me your love of animals and writing. R.I.P.

To my step-Mom -- thanks for taking such good care of my dad all those years. I know it was you who kept him going but other than that thanks for always making me feel second best to your kids. You did a lot for me, I acknowledge, and I do appreciate that but it came with a high price tag and your unkind words about my Mom when we last spoke a few years back were uncalled for and unappreciated. Thanks for not giving my sister and I the inheritance our Dad left for us.

To my late step-dad -- thanks for being an alcoholic and making my teen years miserable. You were fun when you were sober and even when slightly buzzed but never knew your boundaries -- I was mortified to bring friends over. But I hope you're in peace now.

To my new friend, Nikki, who is encouraging me to walk on a weekly basis (and who herself walks five miles every day) -- can you please slow down???? Holy cow, woman! You need to bottle and sell your energy. I'll take two cases.

To all my 'other kids', you all drive me nuts at times but it provides me with great blog material and besides, I kinda love you.

Speaking of my 'other kids', 'V' -- if you just pluck your eyebrows a little bit each week, they wouldn't get so bad and I wouldn't have a sore arm and you wouldn't be in so much pain when I pluck them. Lesson learned. Love you anyway and thanks for the fries yesterday!

To my 'oldest son', 'J' -- thanks for the space yesterday, I needed it and enjoyed it. And thanks for all you did to get B's Jeep up and running. Love you and your wife madly.

To 'A' -- stay strong girl, I love you!

To my friend, Pat, who is in Kosovo in the Army Reserves. Come home safely. Miss you.

To my daughter -- I hope this year will be the year we bridge our gap. Do something wonderful with your life -- you're better than this. I miss you every day and love you even more.

To 'B' -- you are someone I would have liked to have been friends with when I was your age and I am immensely proud of who you are, my son. I love you.

Ed -- stop coming home grouchy. Sheesh. You changed my world for the better and I love you.

Blog award rules:

Thank and link the person who gave you the award. Done. Love you, Steven!

Copy and paste the award on blog. Also done.

Nominate seven people.

Okay, here goes.

*Meeko at 'Ramblings Of A Disgruntled Secretary'. Your outlook on life mirrors mine and I adore you. Plus, you made me a kick ass blog button, not to mention you're a fellow I.E. resident. Need to have that glass of boxed wine.

*Andrea at 'Arise 2 Write'--your blog is my calm place and your comments fill me with peace. Thank you.

*Jeanette at 'Bombshell Bliss' --she's a new bloggy friend who is a single Mom to five and is looking to better her life.

*Naqvee at 'When Almighty Desires!'. Such a profound and articulate young woman.

*To Jo at 'Jo's Corner'. I think of you daily, my sister, my friend (just sent you off a note yesterday).

*To Audra at 'I'm Just A Girl'. A fellow dog lover, happily married gal and great spreader of comment love!

*To Julie at '47 and Starting Over'. Because I, too, am starting over in life and I just dig us sassy 40 somethings!

Now, go forth and spread the blog award love (and if any of the above mentioned already have said award, my apologies).

I'm also supposed to name seven things that you don't know -- I don't think there's much as I'm pretty much an open book on here (as evidenced by all my posts on this and my old blog, not to mention my new blog, '90 Days' -- go check it out!) but I'll give it a whirl:

*I have five tattoos

*I was shot in the leg when I was 13 by a 22 rifle

*My left foot is an inch longer than my right

*I'm the youngest of nine children and am a 'Yours, Mine And Ours' baby. My Mom had three sons and a daughter from her first two marriages and my Dad had three daughters and a son from his first marriage. I'm the only one between them.

*Ed is my second marriage (and last--and happiest)

*I'm five foot seven, but used to be five foot eight. Welcome to peri-menopause where we not only lose estrogen, but apparently also inches.

*I tried killing myself when I was 16 while listening to 'Journey' (Disclaimer: they and their music in no way led to my attempt) -- a little known fact that very few people in my life knew -- up until now. I suppose life had other plans for me.

Thank you again, Steven. Pom-pom's and all -- you are a wonderful person to have in ones life.

Peace and serenity.


Anonymous said...

I only wear my chearleader outfit for you my friend;)

I adore are way to kind(and think much higher of me than you should, lol)

Anonymous said...

This is just so nice in some ways and interesting in others, very subtle. Very good over all. Superbly written.
The first award is exciting. I got mine last week.

Meeko Fabulous said...

Thank you Jo! I am very honored! And yes, I owe you a box o' wine! :)

Naqvee said...

Jo, wow.. first of all Congratulations.. you are really a wonderful friend which I can look upto ! and thank you very much for giving me space on your blog. I'm glad + honored! thanksss im so happy
love Naqvee

Herrad said...

Hi Jo,
I enjoyed your post.

Please come by my blog and pick up your award.

Stepfanie said...

Your blog is totally awesome! I love the concept and the lifestyle that you've chosen. Stopping by from SITS!

Julie said...

Aw thank you so much! I appreciate the shout out!!!!

Jessica said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Your blog seems really cool, I will be sure to check back soon! I am also obsessed with Turtle Trails ice cream, it is the best! I look forward to reading more. :)