Tuesday, January 26, 2010


::This poetic post is dedicated to my dear love and morning companion::

I bet, even dear Juliet, never had this much trouble with her good 'ole Romeo as me and my own love, my dear Java Joe -- for never has a tale seen such heartbroken woe~

Why do you insist on hating me so? For I love you more than you could possibly know~

Being 'frenemies' is not what I had in mind, when we became companions, I thought it was 'til the end of time~

Every morning it is indeed quite the same; I wake up to your smell as you lovingly call out my name~

Your erotic aroma wakes me from my pleasant sleep, in which I happily arise to encounter you in one glorious sweep~

I run with delight and pleasure to your very first taste, in my excitement to start the day with you, I do so with little or no haste~

Then it happens! Your daily assault on my body takes place~

It starts with a slight rumble, then the next thing you know, I am running to the bathroom with my pants down to my toes~

Why can't you be patient with me, my love? Why can't you let it flow soft and easy like rain from above?~

Giving up I shant, even though your betraying proof lies in my pants!~

You grow cold on me so fast, too. You start off hot every day, as you begin to brew, then after that first taste, clearly with me you are through~

Unlike others, your bitterness I so very much like; so hot and so cruel fulfills my every delight~

I'd like to be a grown up and say, 'Can't we at least be friends?' but I'm not ready to accept defeat, I'm afraid -- so, our love affair will have to find a way to mend~

Let us find a way to beat history and not come to a demising end, let us beat the statistics and our life together we shall happily spend~

I will not end this tragically like a dagger to my soul, unlike Juliet and her love, Romeo.


Anonymous said...

OH the imagery...running to the bath room your pants around your toes...lol

love ya lady;)

Meeko Fabulous said...

OMG . . . I totally know what you're talking about!!! LoL! :)

Kristin said...

Joe plays the same game with me. Could be because I drink copious amounts of him. Ah ha ha

Leah said...

:-D Gotta love that Joe... Unfortunately he makes me get awful zits, but yet the love/hate relationship continues.

Lovely, hilarious post!

Anonymous said...

The kreativ blogger award is waiting for you @ No excuse No explanation....enjoy ;)