Thursday, January 21, 2010


Once again, not having much to post about in my world, I thought I'd talk about today's hot topic in the news.

Having mentioned Haiti in my previous post -- and if those people haven't suffered enough, they keep getting hit with one 'aftershock' after another with one being as high as 6.1 (Ed and I made a donation and Haiti is indeed in my continual thoughts) -- I'm now onto the news of former senator John Edwards publicly admitting for the first time the paternity of his now almost two year old daughter by former mistress and campaigner, Rielle Hunter.

Once again, at the risk of drawing ire from feminists and happily married women everywhere (keep in mind, I am one such woman -- on both counts), I intend to impart my likely unpopular view pertaining to the former senator's wife, Elizabeth Edwards.

There was an article I read recently with the headline: 'Elizabeth Edwards: Martyr Or Monster?'

My answer to the rhetorical headline? I'd say she's a little of both.

She could have been simply the former had she not gone on every talk show, including the mother lode of them all, Oprah Winfrey, maligning her husband and detailing every personal tidbit of this nasty mess instead of handling it privately and gracefully.

Instead she writes a tell all book and all but nominates herself for canonization.

She also says: "This child will be a part of John's life, not mine."

Look, I'm not impervious to her emotional suffering, nor am I unaware and unsympathetic to the terminal cancer that plagues her and her family.

What I am unsympathetic to is her very public handling of a private matter and the denying of an innocent child.

I also realize that this private matter was made public long before she wrote a book -- but instead of derailing the public fodder, she jumped on the train and damned near steered it.

Rielle Hunter, on the other hand, has done none of the above.

With that said, Rielle Hunter is in no way a victim, nor am I intending to portray her as such. I have little tolerance for women who knowingly sleep with a married man. However, if it appears that my admiration lies with her instead of Mrs. Edwards, it is merely due to the fact that she has remained mum and in seclusion with her child -- only time will tell if she, too, writes a tell all.

And what do I think about former senator and democratic presidential candidate John Edwards?

I think he's a coward.

He's a coward for straying while his wife was standing beside him while raising their children and battling cancer.

He's a coward for letting Fred Baron, his finance chairman (who's also a wealthy attorney) send money for Rielle and the child instead of doing it himself.

He's a coward for letting his former campaign aide, Andrew Young, take the fall for him and claim paternity of Rielle's child. Of course, Andrew Young has his own book coming out soon, don't ya know.

The whole thing was handled badly by all involved in the aftermath, with the exception of Ms. Hunter.

The real victim in this is the child and the legacy she was born into. I hope Rielle Hunter and John Edwards do right by her and that Elizabeth Edwards opens her heart up to her husbands child. Like it or not, she's here and the last thing she needs is one more person to make her feel like she was nothing but a mistake.

The mistake lies in the distorted self-appointed martyrdom of Elizabeth Edwards and the selfish acts of one pathetic man with the wealth and power to allow others to take his fall.

One day he will have to explain all this not only to his child with Rielle Hunter, but also to his children with Elizabeth.

May they all be strong enough to pay for his very big fall from grace.


Debbie said...

Wow. You said this so well. I think John Edwards is a coward and so much more. And I am torn about my feelings for Elizabeth. I have been uncomfortable at her public side but I do so feel for you.

Ms Bibi said...

Yes, he's a coward on all counts.

I feel for Elizabeth for being cheated on by someone she trusted and respected and also for having to deal with it publicly. However, if I was her I would divorce him the minute I found out and I would stay away from the public. Once a cheater always a cheater. She's right that the child is his, but as long as she remains with her cheating dog of a husband the child becomes part of her life as well.

Andrea said...

I am praying for the innocent child in the midst of these adults huge drama!
Hugs and prayers,

Kathy's Klothesline said...

The whole situation stinks and I think they should all go on Dr. Phil together and air all the dirty laundry once and for all. Just kidding, I don't watch his show. I have enough drama in my own life. The marraige is obviously broken beyond repair and is alive in name only. If she had intended to forgive the man and try to repair the marraige she would not have bared all the details to any and all. She is no doubt in a lot of emotional pain and has chosen public sympathy as the balm to apply to those feelings. Too bad it has back-fired and now people perceive her as a bitter woman. I feel sorry for all the children involved.

Bombshell BLISS said...

I've watched several of Elizabeth's interviews. She always seems so passive aggressive to me. If she was truly hurting, wouldn't she just lay low and deal with what she needs to do.

I can't begin to understand why she stayed with him.

I think the other woman has handled this situation with or dignity than Elizabeth has. Afterall her children are old enough to see her on the magazine covers and TV.

By the way, you were extremely eloquent in your post today.

Naqvee said...

Its true. i feel for Elisabeth and the child.. they are actually stuck

Anonymous said...

its the children who will suffer the most, but then thats how it always is...sad but true,

I agree, public figure or not, some things need to be left out of the public eye, shame on her for bringing it out the way she did, but then again, hurt people hurt people..

peace my friend

Jaynie Martin said...

i agree ... :) love your post

Leah said...

Well said, its always the child who gets the bad end of the deal.

Btw love your blog... :-)

Kat said...

It is always the child who's sad. And by the way, who couldn't love that FACE? Cute baby...

Your blog is fabulous!